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by David Truman

No one has actually SEEN faith. But all of us have seen what faith does.
Faith exists only as a subjective reality, an etheric reality, a reality in consciousness. Like rationality, faith is non-material, but nonetheless effectual: It is invisible, but it leaves visible tracks.
Faith leaves behind the footprints of myriad manifest effects of conviction -- upon the actor, upon his actions, and upon the world impacted by both. These include physical effects, emotional effects, and psychological effects -- all of them conditioned by tone, the very first-born child of faith-conviction. To read about some of the most common and important results which bear witness to the workings of faith, click any of the buttons below:
Faith enhances
Faith uplevels
and inspirits life
Faith restores
life connection
Faith inspires good
behavior & moral living
Faith allows for
action and persistence
Faith supports
creative vision
Faith stabilizes thought, and through that, life as a whole
Faith can't be seen, but it can create very powerful and life-changing effects. In fact, without a doubt, the earthly works of greatest importance and transformative impact owe their power to the potency of faith.

by David Truman

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