Faith supports creative vision
A man either awaits his fate, or creates it -- according to his faith. Faith is the secret of visionaries. It allows them to live in a creative future now, while others wait for the future to materialize. Using the power of vision, faith starts from the future, superimposing future "realities" upon present ones, forcing the present to reconfigure accordingly. Taken as a whole, this process serves to compress time towards now -- starting from the future. Such is the power of faith vision.
Science is "the same" -- that is, faithful to observed realities -- and that's useful. Faith is "different" -- that is, deviant from observed realities -- which is creative. And that, too, is useful.
Science starts now and works slowly forward, because on each step, it must depend for certainty on material proof. Consequently, science waits a lot. Faith does exactly the opposite: It starts with certainty, seemingly by pulling certainty out of thin air. To the faithful, what does not seem to be now, IS now.
Intellect NOTES, faith-conviction VOTES. Science and conventional rationality wait on fact, and exist in the service of reality as they observe it to be (or presume it objectively to be). Faith, on the other hand, transcends factual realities. In so doing, faith works powerfully to break though presumption-enforced limitations, and thus, to enable the creative transformation OF those "factual realities."
Faith adds huge vistas of scope and possibility into the sphere of mortal apprehension. There are some things you can look up; to see other things, you have to look up. Faith knows now what science will find someday find out, but only when it finally looks up.