Faith restores life connection
The difference between faith and no faith is the difference between connection and rejection, between unity and isolation, between relationship and no relationship.
A faithful life is an inspired life, complete with spirited possibilities of living. A life without faith, or a life dominated by negative faith, is a dispirited life. It is means living without faith power -- which results in living ineffectually. It is also living in a state of relative emotional/spiritual disconnection (feeling like you are in a cotton ball, a million miles from those immediately around). The faithless person looks at others, but is hard-pressed to see much of anything there.
As soon as faith rekindles the spirit, however, the feeling of relationship connection reawakens. This is because spirit is transcendent, not limited to the physical. It feels, blends, and exerts influence beyond the borders of the body. And, just as spirit tends to blend, so does the spirited individual.