Faith allows for action and persistence
Obviously, virtually every OTHER benefit of faith -- reduced fear, higher moral standards, improved life connection -- encourages freedom of action. All of these elements facilitate creative action, either by increasing confidence, or by reducing crippling fear.
Faith not only permits action, it INSPIRES and even REQUIRES action. What faith does, it does not accomplish alone. The fruits of faith manifest by virtue of faith's expression through the creative and bold participation of human beings. Faith impregnation first creates an embryo of connection, love, and confidence, and nurtures it into pregnant fullness, and then, before too long, it induces the labor of action.
The right use of faith is ACTIVE use. The faith that allows for a dynamic life of living cooperation with the Divine Will is NOT the error of UNDUE faith in self; rather, it reflects strong confidence in Providence and Providential guidance. An individual with this kind of confidence can and does take decisive action in the face of the difficulties, the challenges, and even the uncertainties of life. Without this kind of faith, the outworking of the Divine Will is not expedited, or even served, but is, instead, delayed.
Thus, faith in divinity should not be taken as an encouragement to bovinity. Faith is useless, perhaps even less than useless, if it prevents or discourages action, and encourages complacency and excessive dependence instead. For example, "I won't get a job or an education or pay my rent, AND I have faith that it will all work out."
The kind of faith that placates and consoles may rightly be called the opiate of the masses. But the kind that invokes the best in man, and calls him to moral action, is an excellent, vitalizing stimulant -- one which, in proper use, is virtually devoid of negative side effects. This kind of faith is expressed in the conviction that God WILL help those who help themselves: "I WILL get an education, I WILL get a job, I WILL pay my rent, and it will all work out." IF you do what you can AND have faith that your efforts will work, then, most likely, you will succeed.