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Many people who appreciate what we are doing ask how they can help. There are various ways that you can help support our work.


We have plenty of good uses for cash. Your donations would help us manifest dreams for helping humanity that are beyond our current means.

If you'd like to make a donation electronically, click the button below to send a donation through PayPal. (It is not necessary to have your own PayPal account to use this service.) On the PayPal page, you can select the amount to donate. There is an option to make your donation monthly.

If you would like to donate by other means, contact us to make appropriate arrangements.

Spread the word

Another way to support this work is to help get the word out. No matter what your situation, you can always help us tremendously by telling others about this site, by linking to this site and sending links to people you know, and by sincerely applying what you've read here in your daily life. You can also distribute Soul Progress flyers in your local community.

We have provided two different flyers that you can print and post so others in your area can learn about the Soul Progress website.

The first poster is for posting on bulletin boards. It has scissor marks at the bottom where you should cut the paper to create removable tabs. People can pull them off to take the website address with them for reference. When printing this poster, set page scaling to "fit to printable area" or "fit to printer margins" in the print dialog box.

The second poster is for handing out to people or for leaving in stacks at bookstores, libraries, cafes, health food stores, or any other public place. Please feel free to print as many as you can and put stacks any place where people are likely to find them.

Other contributions

If you wish to make a non-cash contribution, please contact us.

Love Trust Friends (LoveTrust) is a non-profit, charitable organization. Donations to LoveTrust are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law for US taxpayers. The LLF's Federal I.D. Number is 68-0392814.