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Obviously, when life feels out of control most of the time, YOU are out of control. Sure, there are plenty of factors that are beyond our influence, but MOST of the factors -- including the MOST IMPORTANT factors -- are in our court. And the ones that aren't are good opportunities for us to learn constructiveness, compassion, and grace.

In order to proceed in an effective and dignified fashion along the evolutionary trail, you need: (1) stick-to-itiveness, (2) self-honesty and humility, and (3) right resolve.

How determined are you? How constructive? How willing are you to look at your intentions, your attitudes, and all the higher elements that affect the outcome of what you do? How flexible will you be if you find something that needs to be changed in your approach? If you can control THESE factors, and make them work for you, then you can start getting the results you want, including permanent changes in your life and habits.

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Recommended reading



What it Means to Be Yourself

Our intentions, our attitudes, and all the higher elements of our own causation have one thing in common: they all arise, ultimately, from who we think we are. This article explains the basic inner conflict between our Divine and animal aspects, and guides us toward making stable choices for spirit identification

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Law of Cause and Defect

This article admits that it is human nature to downplay our responsibility for the results we get in life, but at the same time, it reminds us that ONLY by acknowledging the causes we create, and changing them, can we expect better results in life.

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Transformation: It CAN Work!

This article describes what it takes to create permanent change. It explains why peak experiences fade in time, and it shows how to achieve lasting transformation.

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What Beliefs Do

Oftentimes what holds us back in life is negative beliefs -- about ourselves, about others, and about the world. While we may feel such beliefs result from our experience, this article shows that beliefs come not from our experience, in fact, but rather from our INTERPRETATIONS of it. The happy news is, while past experiences can't be undone, negative interpretations CAN -- and THAT can change everything!

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