Transformation: It CAN Work

When people talk about transformation, what they're really after is a change of STATE -- not a change of SELF. The ultimate growth goal is self-realization, a state in which we MORE consciously ARE -- and more fully EXPRESS -- our eternal, changeless selves.

Transformation occurs in people much the same way as changes of state occur in water. Just as it takes a certain amount of energy to turn water to steam, it takes a certain amount of energy for a person to make the quantum leap from one state to the next. The secret of transformation is to heat the "pot" of the body/mind by doing what it takes to raise our rate of vibration. We continue to raise our energy intensely and persistently until we reach the boiling point. Equally important, we carefully avoid chilling behaviors that can undo our efforts and return us to our habitual state. That, in a nutshell, is the secret of transformation. see article

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