Law of Cause and Defect

The Law of Cause and Defect reveals the hidden laws of personal responsibility. Things don't just happen to us: every effect has a cause. Of course, as long as we look outside ourselves for the causes of negative occurrences in our lives, assigning responsibility is easy. But what if the trail of causation leads back to ME? If I become rubber and OTHERS -- or the world, or circumstances—become glue, THAT disempowers ME.

When we disown responsibility, we feel "at the effect" of other people's unfair treatment. Even worse, OUR part of the cause goes uninspected and therefore, uncorrected.

Responsibility is POWER. WE are the primary cause of the events and conditions in our lives. Our RESULTS will change from the moment the CAUSE changes. In the position of ownership, we can stop fearing and start fixing. Responsibility is the secret of true empowerment. It works! see article

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