Although generally, Unification practice is done with no one else physically nearby, it is not necessarily "un-social." If you wish, you may use Step 1 of Unification to focus love energy on a significant relationship. In this case, your practice is very much a "social" event, even though the other person is not physically present. People have reported that doing Unification socially has dramatically improved the quality of their relationships. (To read more about the effects of Unification practice on a specific relationship, click here.)
Unification practice in a specific relationship can be done in pairs by two friends, or by partners in a mated intimacy. In this form of practice, each person uses the other as the love-object of the Unification practice (for as long as the process of loving remains object-oriented). You meditate on each other positively, and connect lovingly in the ether.
Several variations of Unification practice in a specific relationship are described below:
1. Practice independently. Human relationship lives in the mind, heart and soul -- it is not essentially bodily. Therefore, to love and relate through the mind and heart -- even in the absence of physical proximity -- is true relationship. SO . . .
You don't have to make a date with the other person to successfully practice Unification in a specific relationship. (That is, both people do not need to practice simultaneously in time, or be physically together.) You can work your Unification practice into your individual lives as it fits best, and still achieve the benefits. In fact, the other person doesn't have to practice Unification at all -- or even know that you are doing it. (See the Related Questions at the end of this section.)
2. Synchronize your practice. You may find it helpful if you can arrange to practice AT THE SAME TIME (in the same room, or in separate rooms, or even in separate cities). The power of resonance is enhanced by simultaneous meditation. It may be further enhanced by physical proximity. And it may be enhanced still further by eye contact, when appropriate (see below).
3. Practice Unification using the conductive process of eye contact. (For information on the appropriate use of EYE CONTACT in Unification, click here.)
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