It is possible -- though completely optional -- to intensify energy and communion by using eye contact. The following considerations apply:
It is said, "The eyes are the windows of the soul." Accordingly, the use of eye contact during the Unification process can significantly increase the power of the process. If desired, eye contact can even be maintained to good effect throughout the entire process. But, consistent with the metamorphosis of love, a gradual shift into a more abstract form of awareness occurs REGARDLESS of continued eye contact. As higher forms of awareness/communion unfold, the initial focus upon human personality and personal exchange diminishes.
Eye contact increases energy and energy exchange -- and people love energy. So, naturally enough, some people strongly PREFER to pursue this "energy-conductive" style of relating in Unification practice. Nevertheless, it is not ALWAYS wise to use eye contact. The desire for eye contact and energy exchange often reflects egoic attachment. If so, the use of eye contact will surely INCREASE emotional attachment. It can fuel physical attraction -- resulting in obsession, misunderstandings, and other troubles.
The energies associated with ordinary attraction and obsession should NOT be confused with Divine communion. Usually, interpersonal obsession itself is a way of forgetting God -- NOT a way of remembering and connecting with God. With that in mind, here is a general rule for the use of eye contact in Unification:
Eye contact should be used in Unification only (1) by couples in a committed relationship, or (2) by friendly associates who are in harmony, and who are NOT sexually polarized to each other.
Please understand the reason for recommending caution in the use of eye contact in the context of Unification. This recommendation is not intended to ignore or invalidate the potential value of energy-conductive interchanges between sexually polarized individuals (including wonderful experiences of sexual polarity, interpersonal magnetism, tantra, and such). It is meant only to protect the spiritual benefits of Unification from the grand distractions of (potentially) ego-influenced adventures.