Question: What should I do if an intimate doesn’t want to join me in Unification practice?

Answer: Do it anyway -- by yourself! There's no doubt that Unification can do wonders for people who practice Unification with each other. But if either party, having been introduced to the idea, is not naturally enthusiastic about it, you can still do wonders for the relationship by practicing Unification independently.

Needless to say, no one should ever be pressured into performing Unification practice. No one can practice Unification effectively unless they sincerely WANT to do it.

NOTE: SOMETIMES, if one person starts doing Unification, the other person feels the effects so strongly that they will eventually be moved to ask, "What's going on?" At THAT point, you can explain what you've been doing, and your partner may be more likely to want to participate. It's a case of leading by example.

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