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Many people suffer from this problem. Part of the solution is to recognize that you may benefit from mentoring or human guidance, because as you ADMIT, you can't seem to get clear in and of yourself. In that case you may very well need help.

The other part of the solution is to stop voting on all sides of the fence. If you are always straddling the fence, alternating between views that are diametrically, incontrovertibly opposed -- such as to love or not to love -- then of course you can't get clear. Of course you are unstable, upset, wasting your energy. You're being paralyzed by indecision and dilemma at every turn.

So, there is a responsibility you can take in overcoming these problems. Your responsibility is to VOTE consistently on one side of the fence. Nothing else could POSSIBLY, EVER get you off the dead center of indecision, or out of the exhausting struggle of self-conflict.

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Arranging Priorities for Love

This article addresses the heart of this problem -- an unclear or conflicted priority system -- and explains why we will never be permanently satisfied with any priority system that fails to put love ON TOP.

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What it Means to Be Yourself

This article describes the inner conflict between our animal and spiritual natures. That particular conflict REQUIRES us to choose between our dual aspects. By choosing consistently for the higher, we can satisfy ourselves both emotionally and spiritually, and we can enjoy enhanced stability and integrity in living.

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Consider the Source: Egoic Urges or Divine Promptings

Many of the decisions we agonize over may be "important" to our egos, but their only spiritual significance is whether we can hold them LIGHTLY enough to hold them RIGHTLY. This article explains the difference between truly important decisions and unimportant ones. It also shows how to seek and discern Divine guidance on the SPIRITUALLY significant decisions that confront us.

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Desire for Life

When we find it hard to stay on track in life, the difficulty often results from excessive concerns about desiring. This article explains how to overcome five common hang-ups related to desiring, and helps us regain access to the power of strong and healthy desire.

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How the Still Small Voice Works

Many people pray for spiritual guidance in pursuing their various personal goals. This article clarifies the purposes of the still small voice, which concerns itself primarily with our highest and most fulfilling purpose -- to feel and share love, goodwill, and peace with others.

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How to Have More Spiritual Power

This article describes how to build unshakeable Self-confidence and Self-reliance, by learning to cooperate with the still small voice of God in everyday life.

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Taking Divine Direction

This article describes six practical steps for developing your ability to hear and make use of Divine inner guidance.

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Why Obey the Still Small Voice?

This article, which lists five benefits of obeying the still small voice, confirms that living in accordance with Divine direction is the ideal remedy for a life of uncertainty, conflict, and regret.

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