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by David Truman

Seeking new meaning and greater purpose in life, many people request Divine aid for positive change. All calls are answered, and the life God would give you is far better than the one you can make for yourself. But to have that life, you must release plans, desires or opinions, open up to new possibilities -- and then faithfully follow the still small voice wherever it leads. This article reveals five benefits of obeying the still small voice.
1. To deliver divine messages to those who need them
A love note from God will make someone's day -- maybe even make life worth living.
Dear reader, consider the value of the many messages you had coming, but never received. Many people love you and have been inspired to share love with you, but have squelched the impulse to do so. In some dead letter office sits a pile of God's love notes addressed to you. That should inspire you to carry cosmic mail reliably. As we forgive our neglectful messengers, we learn a valuable lesson: Delivery is what counts! Give the people the love they need.
2. To help divine agencies perform their healing/uplifting work
A perfect combo: Divine inspiration and human perspiration.
Our heavenly guides have a tough job trying to uplift humanity: a million messages, most of them ignored by their would-be carriers. Worldly postmen deliver junk mail so much more faithfully. It's a heartache, wondering if we will follow through. By loving others, we help the Angels.
3. To enjoy a more meaningful, useful life
It's a wonderful life doing God's work!
People need a sense of useful purpose. How thrilling to work hand-in-hand with the angels, doing heaven's healing work, accomplishing wonders, making miracles. We are called to do beautiful things for God, from the top of the high rise to the depths of a subway. And each person healed will heal others down the line. Watch how a single phone conversation made a world of difference to a perfect stranger:
Example: I called the phone company to get a phone number changed. A grumpy agent put me on hold to call a friend of mine for verification. When he returned to the line less than two minutes later, he was happy and helpful. Something my friend said uplifted him.
4. To prevent guilt and regret
When we spurn loving impulses, we suffer guilt and regret.
We owe it to you, dear reader, to call attention to a frightening fact: When we spurn loving impulses, we suffer guilt and regret. Unless we correct the error, those feelings are INESCAPABLE. Conversely, joy floods the hearts of those who follow the still small voice. To implement on even a reasonable percentage of love impulses bestows unusual lightness of heart. It is as if the heavenly hosts give credit by the truckload, and discredit by the spoonful. Indeed they do.
The responsibility to give is the opportunity to live. In withholding love from others, we deny love to ourselves. Therefore, withholding always creates a sense of personal loss.
Example: Two people on a dinner date receive loving impulses from the still small voice. She feels that she should reach out and take his hand, for God knows this would touch his soul. He feels moved to say he enjoyed this date more than any in memory. God knows this would relieve her anxiety.
What if both of them squelch their promptings, judging them too forward or "risky"? In that case, while Divine urgings pile up by the dozen, the couple will spend hours in boring, "safe" conversation -- only to regret what could have been, should have been, would have been.
Give the axe to regret by living your loving impulses now.
Either we act upon our living inspirations to create love, or we regret the loss of what would have been. Why live in fear and regret, our joyous opportunities cut down by our own editorial axe? Why not live boldly, rich in love and joy, surfing the Divine waves to ever-higher levels of joy? Energy we send out to others returns from all directions, building strength and ecstasy within. Now THAT'S empowerment!
5. To replace anxiety with confidence, failure with success
Sometimes we agonize over decisions as if we were in charge of everything. We analyze possibilities as if taking action requires knowing the total consequences of that action.
Whenever you obey the still small voice, you'll get great results.
Oh, horsefeathers! You don't need to know much to do God's work admirably. You don't even really need to know what the still small voice is. Just know that whatever it is, it's talking to you, and that whenever you obey, you'll get great results. Instead of fretting, become the courier of good news. Anxiety vanishes with one supremely intelligent choice: surrender to the Divine will.
Even if you implement on only a handful of promptings, your day will be beautiful. "Wow, that was right. That worked. That was beautiful." And people will respond, "Thank you." And you will say, "Thank You."

by David Truman

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