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The primary reason people feel generally exhausted, or are passive or inactive, is not because they are lazy. It's because they are in conflict, and the conflict has laid waste their powers. They are voting on both sides of every fence, constantly struggling with everything, because they have no clear position to come from, no fixed and resolute resolve. So they waffle back and forth, two steps forward, two steps back. Self conflict is exhausting. It's debilitating. It's demoralizing. NO WONDER it's enervating, tiresome, exhausting, stressful, depressing, devitalizing.

Live in one direction and you can get off the dead center of indecision. If you can be FULLY into anything, you'll be energized by the fact that you're into it. If you can jump into action, action will energize you. And, if you're in conflict about everything, then of course you'll be uncomfortable and tired.

As far as any kind of success, vitality, vibrancy, well being, happiness, harmony, or clarity is concerned. It all comes down to having a singular and coherent viewpoint in life.

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