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As you know, a long-term loving relationship is not just something to be enjoyed, but something requiring sincere work and self-transcendence to create and maintain. A common reason that people don't feel that they can establish a long-term love relationship is literally because they are holding themselves to their past limitations and misdeeds ALMOST HOPEFULLY -- in order to get out of the present challenges and the evolutionary opportunities of further steps down the trail.

If you WANT a committed relationship more than you FEAR the responsibilities involved, you CAN succeed. Take control now of your unconstructive patterns. Rather than saying to yourself, "These patterns are permanent. There's nothing I can do. I'm so afraid that I'm going to always...," honestly consider what is required to succeed -- and do it!

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Recommended reading



A Secret of Fulfilling Intimacy: Commitment to Loving Communion

This article describes what it takes to make a love relationship LAST and to make a lasting relationship LOVE.

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Arranging Priorities for Love

This article explains the role of conflicting priorities in the failure of love relationships. It guides us toward a priority system that will allow love to triumph in our lives.

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The Law of Cause and Defect

This article suggests that if many of our relationships have a certain recognizable quality, tone, or outcome in common, we should suspect that we are responsible for causing that. It encourages self-honesty and ownership as ways to achieve better results in life.

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Desire for Life

Common fears around desire not only reduce our aliveness but also interfere with success in love. This article explores five common fears about desire and describes how to overcome them.

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How to Have Love and Growth Too

Love is a social skill, and it takes relating to learn to relate well. This article describes appropriate ways to use intimacy to serve our becoming, while warning of the pitfalls of using people primarily for practice -- as "growth aids."

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Is There Love After (or During) Romance?

Romance is often viewed as the beginning of eternal love, but so much of the time it is just the beginning of the end. This article explains exactly why romance, if it is wrongly held, often contains the seeds of its own undoing. It shows us how to adjust our romantic fantasies to avoid CREATING disappointment.

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Self-Protection Secrets for Loving People

This article explains how to attract love-capable people, and repel "intimate tormentors," by adopting unreserved loving as our enlightened "self-protection" strategy.

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What Are You Living For?

This article criticizes the essentially selfish orientation of the usual life, and explains why it is impossible to achieve relationship harmony until life is raised to higher standard.

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Why Love is Nothing to Fear

Often after trying and failing to make love relationships work, people form negative associations with love -- "Love hurts," or even, "Love stinks!" This article helps us to see in our own experience that it was never love, but only its lack, that hurts people. As simple as it sounds, this observation can be INCREDIBLY liberating.

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