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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Contributing Member of LoveTrust.

As a Contributing Member you will have access to articles and areas of the Soul Progress site that are not open to the public. You will also receive regular mailings. The e-mails will include:

• Short messages to inspire, instruct, uplift, or raise consciousness

• Messages given to/through us from the Divine

• Updates about our website and humanity service work.

Contributing Membership is for those who intend to seriously apply the teachings they read on the site, and who are willing to give something back to support the work we're doing for you and the humanity.

Reciprocation to your sources of spiritual guidance and inspiration is an important part of a truly spiritual life. Only those who are willing to ongoingly support LoveTrust (either with monetary donations, or by some other means) may become Contributing Members.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to offer money. So we have provided a list of other ways to support our humanity service work (see question three on the form below).

Please complete this form to apply to become a Contributing Member of LoveTrust.

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Why do you want to be a Contributing Member of LoveTrust? What attracts you to the Soul Progress website and the teachings of LoveTrust?

What article or area on the Soul Progress website has been most useful to you in your spiritual practice and/or personal life?

Tell us what you learned from the article or area you mentioned above, and how you applied that understanding in your life.

We appreciate your willingness to help with this mission. Your contributions of money or time will help us reach more people and help the humanity more effectively. Please indicate here how you choose to contribute on a regular basis:

  Donate $20 a month or more.

  Put up 10 Soul Progress posters per month in your local area (these can be put up on bulletin boards in bookstores, health food stores, coffee shops, etc). Click here to see a list of the posters available for downloading.

  Tell 5 friends a month about soulprogress.com.

  Give away our bookmarks and cards at your store (if you own or work at one)

  Become a certified Unification teacher and teach Unification in your local area. Click here to read about Unification.

  Translate writings into your language. (Proof of your language proficiency will be required. You will also need to find someone qualified to check your work.)

  Create links on other sites to soulprogress.com home page, and/or specific videos and articles.

  Other. Please describe:


We are happy to welcome you on board!