Unification is a spiritual practice that brings us the realization of Unity with Life. It is based on the most universal, natural, and uplifting of all human impulses -- LOVE. Progressively and inevitably, Unification relies on the practice and presence of love to carry us -- easily and joyfully -- into the Realization of sublime Unity: the Oneness of man and man, and of man and God. This is the goal of spiritual evolution.

YOU can do this. You don't need any help to fully realize Unity -- no facilitator, priest, or guide is needed. No one can sell or patent Unification, just as no one can do it FOR you. The practice of Unification is absolutely DIRECT -- between man and man, and between man and God. This is a real "coming of age" in the spiritual evolution of humanity under the Divine Plan.

The Unification "process" is, in essence, nothing but love. Why LOVE? Unity IS an expanded state, and loving is a natural and effective way to expand consciousness. When we reach out in love, we extend beyond the boundaries of who we think we are. As we leave the ego behind, we discover our own inner reality, and the inner reality of all things. In that sense, to expand in love is to accomplish the real goal of "going within." Love goes within EVERYTHING.

Loving is not only effective, it is right.

Loving puts us in right relationship with God. In opening our hearts in love, we obey God's commandment: "You shall love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as your self." In addition, by invoking God's love with our love, we express faith in His promise, "Knock and it shall be opened."

Loving also puts us in right relationship with OURSELVES. In loving, we obey our own heart's desire to break free of the small self. We express the homing instinct of a soul flying back into its eternal home in God.

Finally, love is God's essential nature. Thus, when we wholeheartedly love, human will becomes one with Divine Reality.

For all of these reasons, love is a beautifully appropriate path to God realization and Unification.
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