We are grateful to a group of students and friends who agreed to proofread and test our instructions for us, and try the Unification meditation, in advance of releasing this area of the web site to the public. Their feedback helped us improve our on-line presentation, and confirmed the value of Unification for the world.
Below is a selection of testimonials from their reports.
I had the most magical day I can recall in years thanks to Unification. My whole outlook has changed and because of that I have been attracting people to me instead of pushing them away. I have opened up more in two days than I have all my life. - RC
Unification has been the most effective practice I've done. This meditation leads very quickly to a great state of internal peace, expansion, and a tremendous sense of connection with all that IS. I am so absorbed in all that is outside of myself, and yet completely at peace within my own being and full and radiant. My connection with God feels incredibly strong, and when I leave, I feel love for everyone and can feel God within all that is around me, in the space, in the room, in the people, and also within me. It's really been quite remarkable. - MC
I had the most beautiful experience. I started the unification meditation. Soon I felt like I was bathing in love and in God. Love was in me, through me, all around me and in everything. I could feel the love in the people I love. The whole universe and everything in it became a complete loving body that God created to love Him. Here we are, and we think we're all separate but we're not. We all love with the same love as one lover, but some people open themselves up to that and others don't, and that's why so many people don't feel it. When we do feel it, we are at our purest, the way we really are. - DM
When I first started the practice (in stage 1) I directed love toward an object as instructed, and sometimes felt it as "making love" TO my beloved. At a certain point I was no longer making love to any particular person, but just MAKING LOVE. Making love to the universe, or just to the space, but it was definitely an outward flow without any object. - ID
Loving outwardly teaches you so many things. GOD IS EVERYWHERE -- in everyone and everything! I knew that intellectually for a long time, but having practiced Unification for awhile, I've come to FEEL this Truth deep in my heart.
I had an interesting experience when I first started doing group Unification practice. The ceremony ends with a prayer, eyes closed. As soon as the prayer ended, I opened my eyes. To remain "within" felt SO strange to me -- being "without" felt like Home. God was living and breathing in each of the faces all around me. He was in the carpet, in the sky and trees out the window. Amazing! That was the first time I ever felt that -- without and within were one and the same. - CS
One night, shortly after I started Unification meditation, everything fell away and I transitioned into a very spacious feeling. My breath became like the wind blowing through me. The space around me felt vast, beautiful, and full of strength and beauty. I did not feel alone at all. I felt transparent and united. Then, from within this clear space, I was given a specific instruction "go and fix it," which was in reference to an uptight interaction I'd had with one of my roommates earlier. I jumped up and found her. The worry I'd created in our last interaction evaporated and she became quite happy. I attribute the effectiveness of that interaction to my Unification practice. Because I was in such a different and spacious place, I was able to love where I'd turned away before, and the results were worlds apart! - DN
One day at work I found myself in a situation that was quite intense. Suddenly I realized that what this room needed was a Unification bubble. I began to open my heart and expand the love I felt into the room, and given the situation, the room was amazingly receptive. The bubble grew as I enveloped everyone with the intention of bringing God and love to a most sober and tense moment. And I felt peace. My heart, which had been pounding, was beating strong and steady and I just KNEW that things were alright, no matter what. I saw everyone differently, more beautifully, and I forgot myself. - RN