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If you want to achieve the highest pinnacle of spiritual evolution, you are in the right place -- because wherever you are, you already are on the evolutionary trail, and all circumstances you encounter are potentially growthful, if you hold and use them rightly. Remember, progress towards enlightenment means broadening, not narrowing. It means increasing the ability to be happy, bright, and fulfilled under a larger and larger range of conditions.

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Recommended reading



Assembling a Whole Spiritual Life

This article describes the four cornerstones of a well-rounded spiritual life, and gives practical suggestions for progressive implementation in all four areas.

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The Evolution of Love from Personal to Cosmic

Spiritual growth develops greater and more sophisticated ability to love. This article describes the stages of love’s evolution -- all the way to its highest realization.

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How to Have More Spiritual Power

This article offers inspiration and guidance for living a spiritually realized life -- a life of loving and Divinely inspired service to all beings.

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Taking Divine Direction

This article offers six pointers for developing sensitivity and obedience to Divine guidance and inspiration.

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Transformation: It CAN Work!

This article describes "the physics of transformation" and shows how to use its laws to achieve the stable upleveling of one’s consciousness and state of being.

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What Are You Living For?

This hard-hitting article exposes the selfishness underlying the purposes of the usual life, and advocates an enlightened life of self-forgetfulness and loving service.

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