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God built more potential into sex than most humans ever discover. But sex is so strongly rooted in the animal nature that many of us -- even those who employ sex and enjoy it -- still feel that sex is dirty, unspiritual, embarrassing -- less than truly human. And even though we've tried to understand it a little bit, we still hide it from the fullest light of true consciousness. Consequently, most of us have little REAL idea about what sex really is, and does.

It’s perfectly natural for a sensitive child of God to feel reluctant to associate with animal propensities -- "the inner dog." But if SEX has a bad rap, PEOPLE earned it -- or rather, the way people RELATE to sex. Dog trainers are fond of saying that there are no BAD DOGS; there are simply UNTRAINED dogs.

If we are to reap the SPIRITUAL benefits God gave His children THROUGH sex, it is up to us to master the lower -- not be mastered by it, or lowered by it. Human beings were born to work through whatever is lower within our nature, and not to simply "beam up" out of the challenges of life, WITHOUT having purified the lower and thus truly EARNED our release. Now, since we cannot eliminate the animal aspects of sex, we ought to ask, "How can the animal in us be USED for higher purposes? How can the inner dog serve the inner spirit?"

That said, there are many of us for whom sexuality is not a necessary or appropriate spiritual challenge. For one reason or other, we are not prepared to handle sex in a way that makes it truly useful for us -- for the time being, at least. Also, many of us are temperamentally uninterested in sex, and have no particular motivation to delve deeply into its mysteries.

But for the rest of humanity, sex may hold great, immediate potential for the good. This article is for people who are sexually active or want to be, and for everyone who is interested in sex and its relationship to spirituality and well-being. It introduces the real values and potentials of sex. It also points out the pitfalls to avoid along the way. Mostly, it invites people to take a fresh and open-minded approach to this sensitive and important subject.

To REALIZE the untapped potential of sex, we may need to make some adjustments. We must purify sex where we have dirtied it; we must more deeply understand it where we have drawn superficial conclusions about it. We must cultivate new attitudes where we have either jumped into sex in a heated rush, or jumped out of sex -- hastily in fear, or wastefully, in a spirit of feigned indifference.

Finally, we need a high intention, for in the end, intention always bears fruit. To claim the higher potentials of sex, we must first choose to USE sex for its higher, God-given purposes. The blessings of sacred sex await those who sincerely and persistently knock.


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