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This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer (PC only), Firefox, and Safari. We have made every effort to make this site work well in these popular browsers. Users of other browsers may have difficulty viewing some pages.

Viewing video clips and animations
You will need the latest version of QuickTime before you can view the video clips provided on this site. If you do not have this software, you may download it for free by going to Apple's QuickTime download area.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 (or higher) is required to view animations. To install or update Flash Player, click here to go Adobe's website and download the latest version for free.

Listening to audio
A sound card and a browser or plug in capable of playing MP3 files are needed in order to hear the sound files used on this site. If you do not have these, the site will still work properly but you will not be able to hear the narration or music.

Downloading pdf files
Adobe Reader is needed to view the pdf documents on this site. If you do not already have this software. You may download it for free from the Adobe Reader download page.

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