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by David Truman

Don't be fooled by self-hypnosis
How to use etheric connection to be IN LOVE forever
Watering the seed
Everyone agrees that being "in love" is one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer. When we're in love, every part of life shines a little brighter. Our bodies and minds tingle with energy. Concerns shrivel and disappear; challenges are easily handled; priorities fall effortlessly into place, with love firmly on top.
Best of all, we enjoy a close and unbroken connection with our beloved, whether the beloved is physically with us or apart. Not only do we feel their presence, in us and around us, but we are so psychically attuned that we find ourselves saying things like, "What you just did is perfect -- how did you know?" "You took the words right out of my mouth." "I was just about to phone you when you called!"
Wouldn't it be great if our significant relationships ALWAYS felt this way? But being in love seems to be a mysterious state that "just happens to us" and, for most people, un-happens just as mysteriously. Fortunately, being in love is an experience we can enjoy every day of our lives. That's because the state we call being "in love" is simply a peek preview of an authentic spiritual experience -- the experience of true human relationship -- which CAN and ultimately WILL become our permanent realization.
We WILL be in love forever when we learn to live under the cosmic laws that govern all relationships.
Real relationship is etheric
The most fundamental cosmic law governing relationship is this:
Relationship is an etheric reality. It's a mental thing, an emotional thing, not a physical thing. Relationship is a true feeling connection that you enter and maintain in your mind and heart.
Have you not observed, many times over, that MANY people have physical closeness without having relationship? Have you not seen, over and over, that a wayward and doubtful mind can and will destroy relationship even while two people are physically close -- even in the middle of physical INTIMACY? And remember what else you have seen: that far apart lovers can be truly and deeply involved with one another, on the etheric level, in spite of the physical distance between them.
Those observations PROVE, beyond any reasonable doubt, that true relationship IS an etheric realization, and not -- CLEARLY not -- a physical realization.
Therefore, in order to have good relationships of any kind, we need to take responsibility for creating relationship where relationships ARE created -- IN THE MIND. We need to learn to create and maintain a strong psychic connection, using a positive mental orientation. There is no other way to have a good relationship.
We naturally and effortlessly maintain a positive etheric relationship when we first fall in love. Later, as our positive orientation becomes less consistent and our focus becomes less constant over time, we gradually lose that feeling we associate with being "in love." What happened? We no longer have such a strong, positive psychic connection with the other person. But we can restore the pleasures of being in love -- not only with one person and not only for a limited time -- when we adapt to the delightful requirements of etheric relating.
Depending too much on physical interaction
Although we have all experienced the truth that relationship is an etheric reality, most of us still tend to forget that the primary cause in relationship is in the mind. As a result, we tend to rely too much on physical interaction, including every form of physical closeness. We demand, "Be with me. Live with me. Then I will know that our relationship is REAL." "Buy us a house -- and THEN I will know that our love is TRUE!" As if bodily togetherness were the most important ingredient in the establishment and maintenance of relationships!
There is nothing inherently wrong with symbolic physical arrangements. There certainly is some value, perhaps even a thrill, in being together physically. But we may as well admit, there is nothing cosmically fulfilling about such arrangements, either. Most of all, it is crucially important to realize that such arrangements cannot POSSIBLY insure true relationship, or true closeness. more
Don't be fooled by self-hypnosis
Sometimes, physical accommodations seem to "work." Two people "agree" that we have to be together in certain ways, and that will make us be close. Then those things actually come to pass, and we both suddenly seem to feel much better, much closer as a result.
In that case, we have not realized anything REAL. What has happened, at best, is a form of self-hypnosis. Here is a simple illustration of how self-hypnosis works: A child says to himself, "If I had an ice cream cone, I would be happy." Then he gets an ice cream cone -- SO he is happy -- temporarily. BUT . . . Is that TRUE happiness? And HOW LONG will it last? Clearly, the pursuit of ice cream will NOT lead to true or lasting happiness. The child's happiness is only the outworking of a post-hypnotic suggestion -- "I will be happy if I get an ice cream cone." He created an artificial need, and he filled it. more
This kind of self-hypnosis about the source of relationship happiness can be dangerous, because it seems to justify placing too much emphasis upon physical contact. That false hope provides a lot of rope to hang ourselves -- with the assumption that SINCE physical contact will create positive relationships, mental responsibility will be unnecessary.
The trap of negative etheric creations
Unfortunately, when we are not mentally responsible, we often relate quite negatively in the ether: we do not CONNECT, really, we just BAD VIBE. So while working ineffectively on "building" a relationship, we inadvertently end up tearing it down! more
There IS a way out of the trap of negative etheric creations: to practice strong and positive ETHERIC RELATING. That's the perfect "re-do" for destructive mental habits that might otherwise destroy relationship viability.
We don't have control over those old habits unless we take control, and actively do something DIFFERENT. The beauty of etheric relationship is, we can control the quality of what happens more easily than in physical relating. In etheric relating, we are creating and practicing love, towardness, givingness -- all the things that make relationships glow strong. That way, we can come to the physical relationship full and secure. We have something to contribute, because the relationship has already been created by us. We're only walking into the physical manifestation of our relationship with someone, rather than trying to create that relationship, when we meet them.
How to use etheric connection to be IN LOVE forever
If you want to be in love forever, this is what you must do:
1. Create positive, loving relationship. By contemplating a beloved person, you can create a psychic connection and strengthen your connection -- even to the point of union. Etheric connection can be created with the aid of visualization or fantasy. However, to be truly potent and to serve the purpose of psychic connection, a fantasy has to be real, credible, and "consistent with the desires of the heart." What the EGO wants is the source of many fantasies, but what the HEART wants makes for a stronger soul connection. In order to allow for psychic connection, what you visualize has to be attractive to you on a deep, soul-satisfying level.
2. Experience, as fully as possible, the relationship you have created. When your etheric connection is well established, you are easily and naturally focused on your loved one. You feel full and complete. Although there is a feeling of spaciousness about etheric connection, you also have a strong sense that the beloved is quite present and very close. In fact, the feeling of intimacy may be stronger than what one is likely to experience, even in a sublime physical experience. Finally, the more connected you are, the more energy you experience -- and the energy only increases, rather than running down over time, the longer you stay in your etheric connection. You want to be in that state as long as you can -- FOREVER if possible. This is TRUE closeness.
3. Resist the tendency to attack and undo the reality you have created. Do not DOUBT the experience once that experience is genuinely yours. Do not attack your experience with doubt or negativity, for if you do, you will thereby UNDO the relationship you have just cultivated.
4. Bring positive mind and positive etheric relationship into the realm of physical manifestation. When relating in the flesh, CONTINUE to use mind-power in a way that is useful rather than subtractive or reactive. Employ the mind so as to bring the aura of towardsness and positive etheric relationship into the context of "real-world" interactions. Instead of physically relating in lower, negative, out-of-control ways, learn to bring positive mind to life instead of negative mind. Practice relating from a positive psychic place that you have positive control over, because you consciously CREATE it.
5. Accept no substitutes for true (etheric) relationship. DO NOT relate to the physical in such a spirit as to believe that the physical experience of togetherness, or any OTHER physical symbol of closeness, is true relationship. If you do that, you will forfeit the vigilance and mental responsibility that is needed to both discover and maintain true relationship and true closeness.
Obviously, the quality of what happens makes a tremendous difference in the bubble of etheric connection, just as it does in relationship in general. The more time you spend in POSITIVE etheric relationship, the stronger the relationship and the sense of relatedness grows. Perfect practice makes perfect.
Watering the seed
We are already and eternally in sacred and beautiful relationship with each other and with God. But we will deny and avoid the full acknowledgment and realization of those relationships as long as we hold them negatively in our minds. Only by cultivating real relationship through consciously positive etheric connection can we realize the joys of true love, and ultimately, the mystical reality of spiritual unity.
Relationship -- REAL relationship -- is like the seed of a beautiful flower. We can neglect or mishandle that seed, in which case we will never enjoy the glory of that plant in full bloom. Or, we can take that seed, water it, feed it, and care for it until that seed becomes a strong plant, blossoms, and makes gorgeous exotic flowers with a beautiful scent. Relationship is cultivated in the etheric dimension -- in the mind and heart. This is the true way of relationship. And this is the way to be in love forever.

by David Truman

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