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by David Truman

Happiness demystified

Timing your turnaround

Your fulfillment potential

Which view are you voting for?

Don't throw out your enlightenment

Fulfillment comes not from what we THINK would make us happy, or from what we WISH would make us happy. It comes from what actually brings us up.

Day by day, minute by minute, we live with the fruits of our thoughts and deeds. And we live without the benefits we would accrue from things we could have done, but didn't. (Example: If we don't exercise, we lack the fitness we could have created, but didn't.) Thus, we make our bed, and we lay in it.

Happiness demystified

If you're serious about your smile, all you have to do is consider what actually works and what actually does not work -- for YOU. And that's no big mystery. In fact, you're the world's expert on the subject! No one knows what works for YOU better than you do!

Isn't it strange, though, how we sometimes act as if we are clueless about what works -- and what doesn't work -- for our well-being? For example, many people spend far too much time thinking in negative ways. They have many years of experience that proves their bad habit only depresses them -- but they still do it. Why? Denial.

Yes, often we DENY what we know. Maybe we're attached to doing something we know brings us down. Maybe, for some reason, we're reluctant to do what we know brings us up. That's where our integrity falls short.

To deny what brings us up and what brings us down is to live in unnecessary pain. No wonder happiness eludes us when, year in and year out, we invest in thoughts and deeds that hurt us. And no wonder happiness eludes us when we neglect to do what would make us truly happy. Without denial, happiness would be easily won. But denial miscalibrates our inner compass, so we steer wrong. We make decisions -- about how we use our mind, our body, our time, our relationships -- that are bound to disappoint us.

It takes integrity to know what we know. It takes integrity to admit we've ignored that, and to stop ignoring that. If we're honest, it's obvious that integrity is the cure for the unhappiness of our lives.

Compromised integrity creates unsatisfactory lives, and sorrowful minds. True integrity chooses better -- because you know best. Don't you?

Timing your turnaround

Our days on earth are limited. True integrity allows us to boldly and intelligently create our own happiness. The more we invest in what we KNOW, the more days we'll walk in beauty -- and the less days we'll walk in pain.

But as you know, human tolerance for unnecessary pain can be insanely high! Haven't you had friends who were extremely unhappy with their lives for years, who complained bitterly about their personal patterns -- and yet did very little to change them?

A person can always turn around. So what are we waiting for? Many people count on hitting bottom before they turn around. In theory, at least, everyone has a low point, or a level of frustration, that may ultimately force a turnaround. How convenient! But there's a problem with waiting for that life-saving low: the longer one waits to make a turnaround, the harder it seems.

Example: A woman who is several hundred pounds overweight can regain her slender shape, but it's much harder now. It will take years of dieting just to be able to start seriously exercising. Again: it's not that we can't improve from any point -- it's just that we create huge obstacles by procrastinating.

Why wait to create happiness? It will never be easier to create happiness than it is right NOW. So do it now, while you still have energy and boldness in your body and spirit. Do it now, BEFORE resistance and doubt wrap you in a self-made straight jacket!

Right now is none too soon for those who feel that pain is a problem, and that happiness is important. Right now is none too soon for those who have the integrity to ADMIT those things with firm conviction.

Those who can call a spade a spade -- and live accordingly -- earn entrance into the kingdom of heaven. That's the criterion for admission.

Your fulfillment potential

Spiritual fulfillment IS possible -- for every one of us. We all have moments in which we can clearly see the bright truth of our own real potential. If we seize those opportunities, we WILL be free. If we stall, we're waving away a taxi God just sent to pick us up.

The good news is, fresh chances keep coming; everyone has many glimpses of great possibility. The bad news is, we hurt our self-esteem each time we refuse a golden opportunity we could -- and should -- happily accept.

You know why time is hard on folks: because refusing goodness is hard on folks. Conversely, accepting goodness is uplifting. Living with integrity is easier than it sounds, because saying YES to any opportunity for beauty buoys up the spirit with all the energy necessary for the accomplishment.

Divine invitations are never given in vain. "The will of God won't put you where the grace of God can't keep you." A few days spent on enlightenment would lift you permanently out of the dilemmas in which you presently exist -- even those that have prevailed for decades! You must only try sincerely to achieve freedom, and God WILL meet you 9/10ths of the way.

When will you listen to the voice of truth and accept it in full faith? When you STOP listening to the voice of limitation! To be free, you MUST ignore that voice completely. Remember, the ego is LYING when it says, "Your fulfillment is not possible." Look: when your spirit hears the call to liberation, and knows that it is possible, it IS!

The integrity choice of evolution:



"Your life holds great and immediate potential for beauty." (This fact is supported by your own intuition and knowingness about your own actual power to find that fulfillment -- and by the miraculous results of acting accordingly!)

"You have no chance at fulfillment. You'll never be truly happy; you were born to lose." (Listening to this logic, we may give up -- or at least try so half-heartedly NOW that we give up LATER.)

Which view are you voting for?

That's the question for your integrity to answer. And, IF you happen to vote AGAINST positive possibility, ask your integrity if you really feel you made the right choice -- or are you, in your heart of hearts, depressed by your vote, and even ashamed of it?

Remember: Even if your ego WISHES that you can't be free, that doesn't mean that you CAN'T. Even if you THINK you're a spiritual cripple, that doesn't mean you ARE. But let's face it:

People invest little or no effort in things they have written off for any reason -- however bogus.

Consequently, if you SUBSCRIBE to negative views regarding liberation or fulfillment, you WON'T work for your freedom -- and therefore won't achieve it.

Don't throw out your enlightenment

If you were completely convinced that something life-threatening was wrong with your foot, you'd have it cut off -- whether there was really anything wrong with your foot, or not! Similarly: If you let your ego convince you that it's DANGEROUS to try for freedom, or that you CAN'T be happy, it will trick you into cutting off something even more precious than a hand or a foot: your own happiness! And yes -- spiritual enlightenment!

So, watch what you believe. To believe the ego's lies is to imprison oneself. Never say to yourself, "I'm so depressed because I 'found out' that I can't do it. I had to face the 'fact' that I always ruin things. So I should scale back my expectations, I guess." LIES! Those notions are only ego-created illusions designed to trap you in misery.

The TRUTH is, you CAN be fulfilled, spiritually and emotionally -- and you know it! The happiness of enlightenment is forever available. It is not at all beyond our capacity in the least. It is our birthright, as children of God.

Negative imagination is our only foe. If it were not for the refusal of our birthright -- due to mistaken, negative beliefs about what is impossible for us -- our freedom would be ASSURED. It's TRUE!

Our freedom can be assured -- by us -- because we know what we need to know to be happy. We also know that our ego's bullshit is just that: bullshit. That means, it's totally POSSIBLE to invest in what we know is UP; and it's totally UNNECESSARY to invest in what we know is bogus and destructive.

You know all this, don't you? So, at the bottom line, happiness is not a knowledge test -- it's an integrity test. And this, exactly, is integrity:

BELIEVE what you already KNOW is true -- and live accordingly.

by David Truman

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Integrity: The Key to Happiness

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