Cease: The disappearance or dissolution of ego consciousness.
Be: The essential condition of Unitive being.
What to do: simply love.
In one sense, Step 4 is no step at all -- it is more like a LANDING. Truly, it is the reality toward which the previous steps lead.
As you continue to allow your attention to flow outward through love, you will learn to let go of individualized consciousness, and melt into the intensity and radiance of transcendent Reality. Reality is realized by surrendering "I," "you," "we," and all arising content into the Bubble of Thee, the Field of BEING, the Presence of God that has become apparent in consciousness. Surrender it all into Being, and Unification occurs (which is to say, more accurately, Unity is Realized to be the case). In Unity, all that arises is accepted, understood, and loved. Problems disappear in rapture. The essential wrinkle on the brow of existence is gone.
You know, then, that you are not separate or different from so-called others. These people whom you assumed to be so different and so separate, are the same being extended into many bodies. And that being is not separate from God.
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