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In the course of pursuing our mission and our own individual spiritual lives, we have evolved an understanding of spiritual growth and spiritual practice that is unique -- or at least quite rare -- in its comprehensive scope and down-to-earth simplicity.

Our perspective is non-exclusive and universal. It was based on thorough inspection of human experience from the inside out -- what it really is and has been for many individuals -- and is generalizable to all humanity. It starts from the ground floor of human evolution and goes to the summit of spiritual attainment. It recognizes, along the way, seven stages of spiritual life, and explains the significance, intentions, and powers at work in each. Comprehensive and practical, it describes the goals and "graduation requirements" for every stage and provides a study curriculum and spiritual observances for each.

It is not our purpose to criticize any existing paths or religions. The identification of the seven levels only serves to make sense of the myriads of spiritual paths. It explains why two very different approaches can both be valid and appropriate -- for different people at different stages of development.

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