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These 6 words represent fundamental qualities of spiritual LIFE and spiritual PEOPLE. Click on any word for a detailed definition of the selected quality, and reflect on its meanings. Then, consider its application in life. This can help you develop your chosen quality.
To read about the contribution of each fundamental quality to a specific area of human endeavor, click the small tab below that corresponds to your area of interest.
Life runs on LIFE -- and in general, the more LIFE, the better. But abundant energy, if misdirected, only creates abundant problems. The QUALITY of energy that supports life BEST has a higher vibration than mere physical vitality. What we should cultivate is not just MORE energy, it is HIGHER, BRIGHTER energy -- that comes from good intentions, and higher connection.
ENERGETIC / RADIANT: Have heat, will radiate; have light, will shine.
Energetic and dynamic in pursuit of personal growth and Self-realization.
UPLIFTING: Good energy fixes two problems: no energy, and bad energy.
Being/choosing for the good: good company; good thoughts; and good actions.
SPONTANEOUS: If I'm not free, how can I be me?
Using spontaneous action and free expression to deepen/expedite learning through experience.
FEELING / ALIVE: Bring life to the party; people who love life will come.
Cultivating personal feeling and aliveness so as to awaken Higher Consciousness.
CONSCIOUS: Seeing is far more important than being seen.
Observant, interested and inquisitive. Alert and awake at the switch (as opposed to reactive or unconscious) when it comes to making consequential decisions.
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