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This aspiration is one of the most beautiful and worthwhile aspirations any human being can have. It is also endlessly challenging, for it seems that no matter how much we improve in this department, we still have room for more. Do not be discouraged by the continuing vision of your limitations in this regard, and resist the temptation to focus over much on shortcomings. Instead, keep focusing on your loving and noble purpose. Your attempts to improve will reveal all of your shortcomings to you in good time, and also will fortify you with the perfect perspective for constructively overcoming them.

Do your best, trying always to transcend previous limits. Don't hesitate to seek help from evolutionary elders. And, as much as you can, seek the infallible direction of spiritual inner guidance.

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How to Buy Happiness…by Being 100% Committed

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How to Have More Spiritual Power

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Self-Protection Secrets for Loving People

Most people withhold their love as a result of having been hurt in the past, but that HURTS their current relationships. This article explains how to liberate love from the reservations caused by fear of emotional harm.

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Stop the Personal Power Madness

There is nothing so dangerous as a skill half mastered. Therefore, although not without value, assertiveness and other personal empowerment skills can cause love relationships to deteriorate into power struggles. This article offers great practical advice to avoid or correct this problem.

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What Are You Living For?

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