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Because it is true that "birds of a feather flock together," you will undoubtedly find kindred spirits in life. You inevitably attract to yourself others who think and feel as you do. Furthermore, you inevitably resonate and reinforce, in ALL people you meet, thoughts, feelings, and vibratory energies similar to your own. In this way, all others become -- at least temporarily, while they are under your influence -- more like you than they otherwise would be.

The only question is, will the people you attract be good supports and companions to you? The best way to predict the answer to that question is to contemplate the answer to this one: Are YOU a good support and companion to the others in your life? If not, it is unreasonable to expect that the "birds of a feather" who flock to you will be better supports and companions than you are. The best way to build a good support system in life is to first develop the desired qualities in yourself, then extend yourself to others. You will surely find some who will return the favor.

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