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You talk about your "center," but do you have a clear idea where it is? Consider this: Perhaps you're only assuming that you have such a center. Perhaps, whenever you don't like anything, whenever you're reacting negatively to anything, whenever you're out of sorts today, it's simply convenient to say, "I'm off center." Officially making that proclamation is similar to pulling the emergency cord on the train and bringing it to a grinding halt. "Hold everything -- I'm off center!" Even so, it's all speculative.

The question you should really answer is, why do you react negatively to emotional involvement? Your reaction is the result of a mistaken interpretation of what is happening. The truth is, people become overly dependent and needy when they lack relationships. A lonely person is a desperate person! But a person who lives a life of healthy connection with others is strong and fulfilled -- NOT "off-center."

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