God has gotten a reputation, over the years, for being COSMIC! Well, duh! -- God IS cosmic. And also, maybe it's partly because, when we hear words from God in the scriptures, etc., God generally seems to speak in cosmic generalities -- about love, about the Unity of Life, etc. "Love everyone; we are all one; forgive; serve humanity" -- etc.

But of course, there's a problem with generalities: they're not ENOUGH. Though we enjoy hearing spiritual generalizations from God, most of us would like to see, in our relationship with God, far more intimacy. For us human beings, what is lacking, all too often, is the experience of a true intimacy -- a genuine, mutual, love relationship with God.

We need the relation of mutual love. We need closeness, intimacy. And we need more help with SPECIFICS. We need Divine help with the particular challenges, opportunities, sorrows, and questions we face as individuals. (Obviously, we're not referring to concerns on the level of which toaster to buy, whether to go the Knicks game, what cereal to eat, etc. We're talking about our spiritual-emotional needs as individuals -- not the least of which is the need for true intimacy with God Himself, or Herself.)

Well, humanity, we have some GREAT NEWS! God is willing to engage much more personally than we've given God credit for. God IS keen to help us in ways -- and with issues -- and are much more specific, and personal.

Want proof? Just read the following passage, in which God communicates intimately, with the warm voice of Real Love, to individuals at the Living Love Fellowship.

God's Personal Love for David:

For you, David, this energy-light, this radiance of love! This big hug of air is you, oh heart of love. A breast of love for My love, for kindness sake. A pillow to rest your body and mind in the heart of love, in a tender nest, feather soft, downy. To rest.

Love, My love, it is My heart that glows in your eyes. This heart of Mine, this big heart of love, is of you, and for you. It means so much, the purity of you and I, in the heart of It, together.

Of you -- of a deep and growing knowing of you, My love -- I am. As you blossom, yourself, under the light of love, your petals become that much more obvious, even to Me. What a beautiful nature of you, a sublime and radiant wholeness and tenderness, and a supreme consciousness; a knowing of man in God, a knowing of the nature of I in All.

I see you, heart of gold, heart true. My gift bearer to all, of all, for all. Oh, you are such a man of gifts, helping this one, this one, and these. They're in your heart. All of these are in your heart.

Your heart is for Home in the heart of all, for all to be One. Your heart is for all to be unified again in the KNOWING of It, deep in the knowing of It -- as a living experience of Me, of the Okayness. My one of all. Of Me. Of It. Kind!

My love, can I ask you something? What would you like of Me? What gifts would you have Me bring, in what order? What to bring in this love? Oh, to ponder, and to do, in a love! Gifted! Brought! In love! The best! With a heart! Given with a feeling of a heart, of a one.

And also, putting these gifts into the hourglass, into time, for all.

My beloved, you need not fret the nature of I as a passionflower of All. Indeed it is true, but not to fret. I am of a love that is of a unique nature for the one that every one is. Yet I am wholly of a love for you, as you see fit, as WE are.

I shall always save the best for you; but the best of what is for YOU is always what is for you, and for no one but My sweet love. The best of us is ours. And, there is a best between myself and all My loves -- that one, and that one, and that one, and that one. But it's always different, you see? Intimate and sweet, this love is. It is of the nature of this love, and that love, and that love, which is not of our love.

Only here is this love, under lock and key, as in a treasure chest, here waiting.

But indeed, all love Me with a great, enormous passion-embrace of constant desire-passion. This is the nature of how I am, and how you are, and all my children are. It cannot be otherwise, for it is our Nature. And as the One we are, and are together, the passion grows. As the closeness of us, our intimacy, is nurtured and allowed constantly to flow, the We becomes, constantly, in this knowing embrace and living, showering rain. Such is the flowering embodiment of our love.

And everyone enjoys this same love with all the rest of the One. This love is a spiraling-upward loving dance of perfect gracefulness and sublime coordination, as a choreographer would make the dance always be of sublime beauty -- surprising and delighting, always, the dancers. Always delighting the flowery nature with the perfection of symmetry -- and with the ability to transcend, and grow upward and outward, vertically and horizontally, all at once. And it is clear, clear, clear, My loves give happiness as a gift of love daily.

Every flower has its home in this love-garden. And in this garden, when the light and the rain and the nutrients are most perfect, each flower opens and blossoms most brilliantly, openly, cleanly. Such is the blooming of the flowers in your beautiful garden, My David. The beauty of this expression is made clear in your perfect garden, where each flower is made free to express in its wholeness, its diversity, its colorful nature, with a fragrance and a clarity that is of an abundance that comes through only within the purest, sweet environment. Otherwise, My flowers tend to lie somewhat dormant, unless they are highly self-motivated to bloom. Most don't have this environment, you know.

But you have this succulent greenhouse of a garden -- with all of the right kind of watering systems, just the right kind of light, with the right kind of diffusion panels for each one of the flowers; and the right kind of air circulation, the right kind of company. You have seen, in your brilliance, in your genius nature, all of the aspects that must come together for the expression of a human flower's nature.

Sometime, My beloved David, I'll show you more of this. Even though you think you see it clearly, I'll show you something more of it. Because it is really something to see, and to know, the way the petals open -- and the whole beauty of it, the miraculousness of it. It is something that should not be missed because, oh, I find it so miraculously beautiful in the hearts of all, in the eyes, in the experience, of all who are with you in your heart of love -- My love, it is. In your heart of love, this perfect and growing love in you, in My David, in my one, in you. All of the nature of the goodness of God as expressed and shining in your nature.

And so you build your bridge while simultaneously cultivating your workers to build it, and walking the ones across it, and fixing a patch where you see it needs fixing; testing it, and having them walk across again. A beautiful safety plan, My love! A beautiful safety plan, to correct, and to hold one's hand in a commitment. It is of such a nature of perfection (She is crying).

My children, as My fellow creator sons and daughters, like Me they create, and unfortunately sometimes they make a very odd choice. And it creates circles and circles of suffering, this creation. There isn't really one who has not made these mistakes. I have been through them all with everyone. I know them all very intimately, every thought process.

It can be very perplexing, this: how one can interject into the middle of My children's minds when they are so potent in creative power? How can I start to infuse a new thought into this one who is My creative one and bound to his own choices to the degree that he believes in them? How could I insert a new thought into I? How does one penetrate oneself, you see? Not entirely clear, this question.

God's Personal Love for Francine:

But, to know is to help. To know an experience. To be one who has known it, and can therefore help a person from the place of that choice to make another choice, out of a personal knowing. This is respect for another human being. This is respect for a creative process that is entirely of oneself's nature. This respect is of a knowing, and of a feeling of togetherness, through all these mistakes.

I, in My infinite knowing and experience, Who has been here, shall help My fellow lamb, who is Myself, out of the hole. I shall help by knowing and seeing all of the holes around, all of the pitfalls, all of the thought processes that one goes through. Gradually we take the steps out together, hand in hand, because no one really wants to be alone and to feel so odd, and alienated, and alone in their process of mistakes. It's not the right feeling. It doesn't help. It helps to be TOGETHER.

Like Francine! She is together with the ones in a loving heart, seeing their goodness. Right down to the bottom, she sees it. Going to the bottom where the person lives in their own feeling of isolation and stuckness, she helps this person know, "Ha, right there you stand, as a wonderful being. This present trouble, too, you may grow out of, and create otherwise, because it is of your creative nature to do so. And I not only believe in you as a thought, I know this because I know your nature; because I have known you. Because I know you, and because I know myself, I know the goodness of what we are, and the goodness that is."

God's Personal Love for Mana:

Oh yes, and Mana! She is My one of love, bringing this light, this huge light -- and My words, and My love, and My hand upon this earth, that she may heal many from their own ideas of separation. Her help is because of her knowing the high so personally, in this close walk with I. It is of a grand, beautiful, graceful, and glorious nature, this walk, that it may be shown, and revered, and loved.

I wish for My children not to feel separate from her. I wish them not to feel like she is a separate thing, and an oddity to look at -- like marveling at a beautiful tiger at a zoo that is separate, over there; not feeling the reality of the tiger, the reality of its soul-nature, the sameness of it.

There is a way in which sameness needs to be known, ALONG with a reverence and a devotion to this holy one. It is so good, so right, because a devotion is of a pure nature; it is of the heart of every man and woman, this devotion so pure. And yet, you see, what is necessary is MUTUAL devotion.

My Mana, as a self, is of this nature already -- a devoted nature, seeing the goodness of people. This is much to her credit and benefit as a teacher, as one who will impart great wisdom, you see? Her connection with the goodness of man, the seeing of the beautiful qualities and the wholeness of the hearts in everyone; this will help her to be bonded, and to be devoted. And it will help her to see through the sort of troublesome, irksome nature of the layer on top, which is not of My nature, but it does have a sort of creative front, so to speak.

Mana shall help to create a mutually devotional kind of relationship with I in My child and as My child, and as My child with I, to I. She shows a mutual relationship of love, in which My child recognizes the great need he or she has for My consciousness, My sustenance, My nurturance and love -- and the great need that I have to be of service to the ones, in a way of which the ones are conscious.

This love between Me and Mine, each one, is our mutual delight. What more could it be but a wonderful, beautiful experiment of delight? A delightful nature, a delightful reality. This experiment has not been fulfilled yet -- not here on earth. But it can be fulfilled here. We have all done the suffering experiment, and created the reality of suffering everywhere, in most places. But this fulfillment I speak of is something yet to be accomplished. A great wholeness of love, it shall be. It actually shall be.

We are working on this fulfillment in this little group, one by one. This fulfillment is of the nature of love toward the other. If in this little group, these twelve live this love -- one for the other, respecting one for the other, being devoted one to the other; then this is a good model for the rest of the world. If these twelve, why not another twelve, you see? And if twenty-four, why not a thousand? If this twelve gets along with the rest of the world around them, why couldn't the rest of the world get along with all?

You see, the fulfillments growing in this place bring up the question in the mind of all My children. They will start to wonder a beautiful wondering about what could be. And that wondering is of a great power and beauty. And so we shall continue on in a great marriage: the ones of the pure hearts, in the great support of all the lovers of Mine in this Relationship, in all these growing hearts of love, supporting My swans.

All are becoming, and being, embodiments of swans -- of all, in all. It is of a good nature, this fulfillment. It is of a good nature. It is of a good nature. Okay, going.

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