Hunger! Everywhere you go, people crave companionship, closeness, belonging, and affinity. The bottom line—we need more love!

Many people turn to God and the spiritual path to find the love they seek in God-communion. But for most of us, the mystical path is transcendental mostly in that it transcends our abilities; we are not adequately prepared for it. The obstacle is this: if we can't trust personally, we can't trust cosmically. And if in our ordinary existence we're overly controlling, we'd certainly clam up if we ever saw something as awe-inspiring and beautiful as God!

Universal love is
not achievable
until human love
is solid

Therefore, though the direct relationship to God should always be cultivated, the ideal of universal love is not achievable until human love is solid. Strong human relationships provide that strong foundation for spiritual life.


The only reason to trust is love

All God's children need
to "touch bottom"
to feel secure.

Of course, relationships depend on trust; to develop trust, we need lots of love over time. Otherwise, there's no reason to release our core anxiety—that we are not loved or even lovable. Like little kids in a swimming pool, we need a place to put our feet down to feel secure. And without releasing that most basic of all anxieties, it's hard to succeed with spiritual practices, no matter what we do. Our consciousness isn't adequately expanded; our heart isn't adequately expanded.

Love is not a luxury in life, it's a spiritual necessity. That's why every good church and every good spiritual community tries first to care for its members. They know that at the bottom line, you can't learn to trust when there's no one you can trust.

Which raises the question: This love we need, exactly where is it supposed to come from—and from whom? We need more than just a general kind of love—we need personal love. We need someone. Someone who can and will love us under such trying circumstances as human existence. Someone who's got the time, energy, and commitment for that kind of love. Now a church may have a great minister, and he may give the world's most inspiring sermons; an ashram may have a great spiritual leader, whose very presence is uplifting—but we all need to feel that some person really loves us personally, unstintingly—while knowing us well.


Bright smiles are love's proof

Love is the environment in which human beings thrive best.

The love we all seek is not just a liberating idea, or a set of rote practices—love is a great liberating power. It is the only means by which fear and distrust will be conclusively undone in any single individual on this planet. Love literally liberates people from their fears and from their problems. Being loved creates relaxation in the body and in the psyche. Love alone can establish a micro-culture in which people can realize a better destiny than just to argue, compromise, individuate, or litigate. Love establishes an environment in which the human plant grows strong and tall.

Now you see the very best reason why groups group: love! People who wish to learn to love tend to gather around at least one person who deeply loves and is therefore in a position to teach, through their example and from their own experience, what it is to love and be loved.

That kind of love is rare, but it's there—always. Where? Well, "Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened." Throughout history, and until the end of time, this process will always be going on somewhere. Just look for smiling people, radiant people. That's where the love is. "By their fruits, you shall know them."

Many are thirsty,
but few drink deeply

There will always be seekers earnest enough to find love, to attract love to themselves. And there will always be those who are not only drawn to the water, but who are willing to drink deep—and reach for a higher destiny.

True seekers don't just find a power, they are a power. And together they generate this intensity with their mutual sacrifice, their big heart, their transcendental participation. They start a little fire in the middle of the world. "Where two or more are gathered in My name. . ." It's amazing to behold.

If you have the motivation and the understanding to recognize and accept the love you deserve, you can associate with loving people and realize love for yourself. Knowing that you're loved, you will transcend your ego and love in return—thereby gaining release from the egoic conditions of anxiety, fear, frustration, and self-concern. You will live a compassionate life and help others greatly.

It is God's will that love will first heal us, then heal through us.


Obviously, love isn't merely something we get, it's something we give. Love is our business and God's business. It's our main function—our spiritual obligation—to lovingly cooperate in the outworking of the Divine Plan. It is God's will that love will first heal us, and then heal through us.

by David Truman

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