Listen up, folks, because this is huge. Today I'm gonna blow the whistle on the most massive cover-up operation in the history of humanity, code-named Operation Cyrano. A worldwide conspiracy that may drastically impact every person on earth. And the scam goes clear to the top, to the very highest level—God. Check it out...

Cyrano de Bergerac had a big nose; that's why he went into covert ops. He wrote love poems for a more handsome fellow to give to the girl he loved. God loves everyone, not just one person, and He wants to woo them all. God needs a way to get love to His beloveds, but He can't take the risk of doing it directly, because God's problem is, He's too big. That, friends, necessitated covert ops on a massive scale.

"I pulled into town in the dead of the night
a lot of things can get in the way when you want to do what's right."

Operation Cyrano is the way God has been covertly loving humanity, or at least trying to. Where Cyrano used love letters, God works through the heart, using the still small voice for prompting. Internal communications! With the still small voice, God whispers to the suitor, moment by moment, what to say, how to say it, what to do and how.


Operation Cyrano in action

Here's how Operation Cyrano works: God falls in love with some individual. Then He recruits a stand-in, an undercover operative, to romance that person in His place. And He provides all the appropriate seduction materials to woo and win the girl or the guy.

When I stumbled upon Operation Cyrano, I told the Elohim, and here's what They said:

God is in this loving business. And He'll do it through any sincere heart who is willing to want, willing to see, willing to need, and in that real, true, honest need, see you. Every lover knows they need the one they're in love with, just as God does.

He's going to find a way to your heart, into your heart, through somebody, if you'll let Him, if you'll let them. Now or later, this will happen to you, and now or later this will happen in you, through you, for all, for each, for them, for someone/some one(s).

There is this Divine wind to love you, personally, because of who you are, because of the gorgeousness of your soul, because of the subtlety of your nature, because of the depth of your heart. God is already in love.

—the Elohim 4/26/13


You've got your finger on it

You may even have suspected the op, although you wouldn't quite let yourself believe it. But here's a clue that probably most of you have experienced at least once in your life: You're looking into someone's eyes, and you get the weird feeling that this lover is, in some way, familiar. And like an angel. Heaven-sent. Divine. This Divine one is the one for you in a way that is suspiciously like the last one that was for you.

He keeps sending me angels from up on high
He keeps sending me angels, to teach me to fly
He keeps sending me angels sweet and true
He keeps sending me angels just like you.

Play a clip from "Sending Me Angels"

That's when you may start to go, "Hmmm..." You start suspecting something's up. You don't know what it is, exactly. You can't quite put your finger on it—or can you?

I asked Rabia [Rabia al-Basri (717-801 C.E.) was a female Muslim saint and Sufi mystic] about this common experience, and she replied:

Yes, you look into someone's eyes, and you know. You see the magic of love; you know that they want you, how much they shine looking into your eyes. And this is not the first one you see doing it. What's happening here? Someone stands behind them. It must be!

How true it is that God is in every lover, the same God, the same lover. And THROUGH each one who loves truly, that God LOVES directly, tremendously. He does that not just through them, but with them and AS them.

—Rabia 4/26/13

The person is loving you directly from their heart—the heart that God gave them. God's heart, it is.

Furthermore, many people have had this experience: you get the feeling that your lover is the same as you. What a mind-blow! It's them, it's God, and it's you. Well, we can make that simple: it's the One.

What's happening is Operation Cyrano. Do you know that, or do you just sense that something odd is afoot, without suspecting that this person is an agent, much less Who they're working for. But with all these strange clues, the scam is being unraveled. You're getting warmer.


Recruiting lovers for Operation Cyrano

Obviously, a love exchange is only possible between two willing people, or it's not going to happen. So for starters, for a stand-in, God needs to get a person who's willing to love, to stand up and do it.

Secondly, the person He would love in Operation Cyrano must be receptive to love. God can get a fine recruit and send them over there, but what if the beloved doesn't want anything to do with love, or with the suitor God sent?

Clearly then, both persons need to be willing to give and receive love with each other specifically. It takes two to tango.

The two must be willing to love each other

The good news is, everyone can function as an operative, as God's stand-in. Because all hearts are God's heart. And indeed, to the extent that any person is in touch with their own heart—which is God's heart, The Heart—they find in themselves a great love-will, and they realize that they are Cyrano. That means, God can not only love through them, and with them, but in fact as them. Yes! So a human being is not just an independent egotistical operator, and not just God's agent. A human being, as his or her true Self, is God. Like parent, like child. It's all in the genes.

I was talking to Mirabai [Mirabai (1498-1547) was a princess and Hindu mystic from Rajasthan, India] about this marvelous paradox. She said:

Every girl wants to be loved for her heart AND for her body! And so does every man, in a different way. And that's because the body IS the heart. The body expresses the heart. We are in all our expressions: hands that serve, eyes full of love, a smile, a touch, a physical longing, a movement of energy in the body, an upwelling of emotion, a question in the mind, a curiosity, a wondering, a knowing, a desire, a love. Indeed! There are so many parts to who we are, and we do not want to be rejected in any of it, nor does the true lover want to reject any part of his beloved. He loves her hair. She loves his toes. He loves her passion. She loves his understanding. He loves her longing. She loves his vulnerability.

We love in many ways. In love, I offer my hands. In love, I offer the softness of my eyes, and of my legs. In love, I offer my heart. In love, I offer my mind. In love, I speak. God is the same. God loves as these.

You do not think you are separate from your hand when you reach out to touch the one you love. That hand is you. It is full of your intention. Just so, God reaches out to us through people, AS people. If you accept a human lover, you accept the hand of God, reaching out to you, tenderly.

—Mirabai 4/26/13


Covert goes overt

If all the hearts are God's heart, you could say, "Well, that's part of the covert scam." Or you could say, "Wait a minute! If it is Cyrano here, loving me directly Him- or Herself, then the operation isn't covert at all—it's overt. It's all out front!"

Well, that's true. It's overt in that the one that's here loving you is Cyrano —God-Cyrano. So instead of having God hiding behind the bushes giving the notes to the other guy, you've got God out front giving His own notes. So it's an overt op, in which what you see is what you get: God.

God-Cyrano is loving through/with His operatives, His undercover agents. But at the same time, just as much, He's doing it as His operatives. He's doing it as Himself. And it's that fact that gives the seduction legitimacy and potency: that the one who was recruited and sent is the One who sent them, and therefore can represent themselves truly in the op. In other words, when they love, they are loving as themselves, so you don't have an underling. You have an executive.


Reconnaissance in Operation Cyrano

Reconnaissance, you see, is a big part of the op. Who gets recruited depends a lot on the beloved—what the beloved would like, in terms of gender, in terms of the look-and-feel department. So God's got to gather data on the beloved. He's got to find out what the beloved would accept, what the beloved would prefer, what would bring delight. And it's ongoing, the recon, because their tastes are always shifting, evolving. The question always is, what would be acceptable now?

The One loves you, who you are, what you are, your most refined qualities, your most subtle, your most obvious. The wholeness of who you are. This is the one that is loved—you, the real you. And this is why the lover, and therefore God, knows how to get to you, what to say, how to catch your eye and your breath. It's because you're seen, and you're seen and loved AS you.

—the Elohim 4/26/13

Of course, the recruit needs to offer real love (meaning The Love, because The Love is the only real love). And, in order to offer real love, they have to offer that love from their heart. They as an individual need to offer love from their individual heart. Otherwise it's not real.

But this one is himself/herself, they are not doing it as a stand-in for someone else. If they were, they wouldn't feel so personally involved, jealous, passionate. They don't look like a stand-in, and you KNOW that they would not give their place away. That cannot be! THIS ONE loves YOU. That's what the true love is. There are no interchangeable parts in love. YOU and HE or SHE, as the case may be, are NOT interchangeable, replaceable. Yet still, the love, including even its particular expressions, is suspiciously familiar.

—Rabia 4/26/13

So you see, for Operation Cyrano to work, the love-offerer needs to stand up as that love, and as who they are. They must be there for it and with it, themselves. They must be extending that love as the one who would make good on that love personally. So the operatives in Operation Cyrano are not just channels, but sources. Not just messengers, but real-life suitors in their own right. They stand as persons within the Person of God. That's why you get the spooky feeling. It comes from the recognition of God in your lover's eyes: the two are One. One and the same.

When you get there, that's what you find. That's all you can find: the One who loves you, standing up as the lover. Operation Cyrano is an overt op because the one that's standing up as Cyrano is Cyrano.


You da One

To put this in modern parlance (and I think we should since we're in the modern age), what you would say about this is, "You da man!" Or "You da woman!" And this brings the covert into the overt.

Is that a problem for God? Does God need to keep His cover? No, because in reality He doesn't have any cover.

Some say God is hiding inside of the person. Oh no, not hiding. It's not that much of a secret. He's right there on your face, in your eyes. He's right there in your heart. He's right there in your lover's heart, eyes, feelings. It's all indistinguishable, when it's love, real love. Real love is ONE. One. That is why you need it so much, and you love it so much. It is only LOVE that is ONE, and all the confusion is just fused together in that one heart, one spirit. Of beauty it is. Of great and utter beauty.

—the Elohim 4/26/13

So we don't need to blow the whistle on the cover-up, because it's overt, this op.

Now, in our mind it's covert, a sneaky deal. We may think so. If we believe that, we're sure to get a funny feeling when we see the One in our beloved's eyes. Let's face it: we weren't expecting this. We had another idea about what was happening—other than what was True.

So when we said, "This is the One for me," we didn't quite realize how true that is. But it is. It's True. And now you can put your finger on it!

GOD is the one in all. God stands behind all that stuff. And NOT at a distance, but DIRECTLY. When they love you so much, they ARE God, they have this amazing reality to them that's undeniable, irresistible, touching, moving, drawing you in. Who would deny the Godliness of a loving person? Oh, who would deny that? One would need to deny that they've ever been in love, that they ever knew what it means to look into the eyes of the beloved, speechless: "Oh, my God..."

Yes! It is God! Coming to you to love you. Coming to you through and as the girl from the grocery store, who fell in love with you when you were buying apples; coming to you as the guy you met in the post office—who knows? They are all in disguise, these people walking around you. They are ALL Cyrano. They are ALL God wanting to be disguised, wanting to be uncovered, wanting to be loved. They are ALL the very One you would be in awe with, if they decided to go for it, to go for love.

—Rabia 4/26/13

Here's the real deal: if you're extending your heart, you're extending the heart of God. And you're standing up as yourself, as your own authentic love, your own authentic feelings, your own authentic inspiration, your own authentic way of doing it. Remember: You're the One. You da man! You da woman! And there you stand saying, I'm HERE. You da One!

So friends, we've blown the cover on your Operation Cyrano, the biggest covert op in human history. Amazing that you got away with it this long!

This is God's love, man's love, woman's love. It is all one. It is an overt and covert operation. It is the movement of the universe, this love, this commitment, this seeing, this understanding of the heart of another, love for another.

—the Elohim 4/26/13

"So much I want
The ONE that I want,
You can always be that one for me.
You. Hear me calling you.
The very one that you are."

Play the song "The One That You Are"

by David Truman

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