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by David Truman

Self-realization, what is it? Self-realization means REALIZING who you are; and BEING that True Self -- the one God created. This Realization of which we speak isn't just the Holy Grail of spiritual life -- it's the true purpose of being here, for each and every one of us.

Happily, we've all caught glimpses of our true Selfhood. And we've seen the true Selfhood of those we love as well. Such glorious beauty! But alas, we tend to forget. We forget who we are, and when we do, we forget the true identity of those around us too. Such forgetting makes life something LESS than whole, and less than Real.

Obviously then, our challenge is to STABILIZE in Self-realization. That's the ONLY way to live here and now as the True Self that God created us to be. And that's the only way we can see the True Self of others RELIABLY.

The following talk sheds a bright light on True Selfhood, Self-realization, and Self-forgetfulness. Read this transcript, and enter the heart of the matter of Self-identification. See how the True Self IS occasionally recognized -- and why we get out of touch with it. You'll remember why the most important thing you can do in life is simply to recall your True Selfhood, and bring it back to life.

The Greatest Question of all time

David: I'm happy to report that the Greatest Question of all time has been asked by every woman in suburbia. Isn't that wonderful? Nobody told her to ask the Great Question -- she asked it authentically, right from her own heart and soul. We can only hope her mate answered her in the same spirit! Here's what she said:

"What happened to us, Harold? What happened to the man I married? Where did you go?"

That last question -- "Where did you go?" -- is life's Greatest Question, the cutting edge of all of spiritual inquiry.

Why did she ask that question? She asked because she knows the REAL Harold, and she misses him. She wants him back: "I know you're in there somewhere, Harold. Won't you come back to me?" Destiny turns on the answer to that question. Will he remember who he is, and come back to life?

It's fantastic to me, that I should have pursued the Truth so diligently, always looking for the words and the meanings of Truth -- only to find those words and meanings in the mouth of a suburban woman. And not just ONE suburban woman, but EVERY suburban woman. THAT'S humbling! But it's SO worth it, because it means that the heart of Truth is known everywhere, in everyone. That's BETTER than being special. It's better, even, than being significant. So I accept, with a happy heart, that this diamond of Truth is possessed by everyone. And, people have possessed it for a long time.

F: But they didn't understand it as cosmically as you do.

David: Maybe not, but they MEANT it just as cosmically. They MEANT it and FELT it just as cosmically as possible.

[singing an Eagles song:]

"Understanding, well that's just some people talking.

Your prison is walking through this world all alone.

You're losing all your highs and lows,

Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away,


Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?

You've been out riding fences for so long now.

Oh you're a hard one, but I know that you've got your reasons.

These things that are pleasing you will hurt you somehow.

Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy,

She'll hurt you if she's able. The queen of hearts is always your best bet.

Your pain and your hunger are driving you home,


F: Unbelievable. Oh God!

David: Now let's go back to the question: "What happened to us, Harold? What happened to the man I married?" I can answer that question, because I know exactly what happened to Harold.

The man you married wasn't merely a man -- he was a spiritual being. And when you met him you saw him for who he was. You recognized him. With recognition and love, you brought him out into the light.

He remembered himself. He remembered who he was. But eventually, he forgot that. He forgot who he was, and he went back to believing he was just a man. That's exactly what happened to Harold.

Where did he go? He didn't go anywhere. He's still there -- he's just not HERE. You know he's still there, somewhere. And you also know how sad it is, what a great loss it is, that he's not HERE. And what a loss it is to him not to be here.

He didn't go anywhere, but he should have gone everywhere. He should never have left his happy Home. Knowing who he is, not losing sight of his True Selfhood or yours, he should have stayed here, with you. He should have gone everywhere with you. That's what he should have done.

Now he needs to remember himself -- his Real Self. He needs to remember You. He should not have forgotten. He should come back.

S: As you talked about this, I saw something. I understood that when people commit to each other and decide that they're in it for the long haul, they get cold feet about their stamina for being their True Selves. They don't feel they have the strength or the will to keep BEING that beautiful person indefinitely. Thinking that way, they go into hiding from each other, perhaps self-protectively, and perhaps with a feeling of shame. I think this happens in most relationships. The people decide, "Now that this is a marathon, I can't do it -- and I WON'T do it."

David: Yes: "I've got to pace myself." But of course, that kind of thinking is illusory -- it comes from the ego construct. The True Self is of the nature of infinity. There's no end to it.

S: And it's easier, really, to be your True Self than to be so severely limited.

David: To be your True Self, you must stay in Unity, where there's no other, no othering. "Cleave to the Uncarved Block." "Inhere in That than which there is no other." Otherwise, when the honeymoon is over, the othering process begins.

S: Right. On the honeymoon, the othering process paused for the time being, and consequently, the Reality of Oneness was seen.

David: Clearly, they should never have othered one another -- they should have REMAINED One. But of course, only the True Self can do that, or have that, or be that. When you're JUST a mortal, you can't do that, have that, be that. That's why it's SO important to remember who you are, and stay that way.

S: When you're in touch with your True Selfhood, your true identity, you feel like you can do it. When you are ego-identified, you CAN'T do it.

David: Exactly. And by the same token, as your True Self, you can't NOT do it. As your True Self, you don't have to do ANYTHING to be Unified. Unity just is -- it's your reality. It's the Reality of Life that you see.

by David Truman

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