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The Superpower of Your Love

Transcript of a talk given by David Truman

David: I just wanted to put a very brief message about love onto the video, in your hearts, and so forth.

You have something there, in your love, that is a very powerful thing. It actually has some remarkable abilities, which you have no doubt noticed. Now, I’m not talking about the things that are confused with it. I’m not talking about chemistry, or lust, sentimental attachment, etc. But love itself -- pure love -- is powerful. Most powerful. And you have it.

You have in you this most powerful, most beloved force of supernature, of Divine nature, of human nature, of all nature. You should know that nothing comes close to that power that you have. You could fill out a ton of paperwork. You could launch some very unsavory complaints. You could be bitter and wait. You could do many many things, and there is an infinitude of things that one could do. But none of them has a thousandth of the power of the love that you have and which you can employ and deploy as you will. There is nothing that exists that can resist it. Mind you, I put a qualifier in there. Did you notice it?

Sara: "That exists."

David: Yeah. Within that set, you are omnipotent in your loving.

And don't get me wrong, when I spoke about complaining, I did not mean that you cannot complain. Lovers enjoy complaining and being complained to, very well. You just have only to complain with love in your heart. Which goes to show, the original premise is true. Love is the superpower. You see? And all the actions, pro or con, high or low, whatever strategies are employed or deployed, none of them really make a difference except insofar as you love. Love makes all the difference in the world, all the difference in any world. All the difference in no world.

For example, you could be bollixed up, upside down in your yoga. You could be in Nirvakalpa Samadhi, pinballing in universes unknown. Right? But if, in the middle of your wild ride, you love, then everything will come to you. Everything will respond to you where you are, as you are, anytime, anyplace. Your love has done this thing. It has erased everything else. It implemented a solution that pre-exists and post-exists everything that can be happening.

For example, that "I Want to Hold Your Hand" song of The Beatles. When that song was born in someone's mind, that little riff, it was all accomplished: what The Beatles were to be, became. There was nothing of any age or nature that could resist that tune. It didn't even need to be written, or sung, or recorded, or distributed, or anything. It simply was the super, superpower. You see?

So it goes to show how little you really have to do. Because you have this superpower in your heart, you have nothing to do but . . . and then everything has responded to you. You see? It's very important.

And you can trade this thing for things, wherever you go. You might go to one of those places where they have all the different droids and other types of animals that go back and forth across space, and they meet at this seedy bar. All very strange forms. Speaking different languages. Some less dangerous than others. But if you loved, you would have tamed it. If you would love, you would have a universal solvent. The situations would all be rendered.

It all comes to you because of your love, you see. You don't need to go to it, exactly. Except in your heart. That you have the presence of mind, the presence of love, just to be able to have a sentiment of recollection. Sympathy. Enjoyment. A non-othering sentiment. Desire, attachment, perfection, love.

Your emergency beacon. You can activate this, anytime, and charm everything. Not the least of which is God Almighty. Very sensitive, that One.

So you turn on your EPIRB*, your emergency beacon -- Love. And suddenly, the doors open, and you seem to be past the security man, past the magnetron, past the secretary. In the Oval Office, in a direct conference with the Big Guy. All because you activated your EPIRB, your heart beacon.

It's just the failure to be cool, is all it takes. Can you manage that? Can you manage not to be cool, not to be okay, not to be "I'm all right, Jack," not to be self-dependent, not to be needless or heedless? Can you manage that? See? If you can manage one out of five of these things, you're in. And you get 100 on the quiz. That's because even a corner of this particular Platinum Card is worth a whole card. You know: You can chop the worm into a lot of little sections, and what do you get? Lots of worms. There is no order of miracles. There is no different loves. See? Innocence. It is all the omni-power. Perfect. Invincible. Yours. Your essential being.

I said to Jesus, I said, "Jesus, I feel like a Bronx cabbie. You know, who careens around the dark canyons of Manhattan, enough to pay for a dive. And somebody left in the back a three-pound diamond. The Hope Diamond. Price? Unthinkable. Priceless. Immeasurable. Ya know. In a brown paper bag on the floor. What are you going to do? You're infinitely wealthy. It obviously had your name on it. Someone left it there. 'Madam, it's yours.'" That is your love. You found this kicking around the back of your taxi. You found it on the street.

You go to the bank. They have only these fantastic things with a million lasers and an incredible door. Right? Big hinges. Fantastic, shiny. Shiny, shiny. So you go, "How stupid are they at this place?" And you reach up above the top of the molding. And a key! Ha! They left it there in case they lost theirs. You go in. You've got all the diamonds and money. My, my, my! How stupid can people be?

It's just one of those things, this love. You just gotta feel around on top of the transom. Sure enough, they left it there. Yeah, they had no idea how bright you are. That's it.

Except it was no accident.

*Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons

by David Truman

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The Superpower of Your Love
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