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Screaming at God
by David Truman

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What follows is a series of disturbing-yet-enlightening interchanges between a soul and God. They are disturbing because the soul is deeply troubled by his experiences in life and his inability to understand God's messages to him.

This sensitive soul, like many, feels bitter toward God -- and for many of the same reasons. But he is unusually brave in facing the issues as he sees them, and exceptional in his willingness to articulate them. He's a bit like the student in school who asks the dumb questions all the other students are too shy to ask. He speaks for all those who share his doubts and concerns, but who may be less bold in seeking their resolution. In that way, his questions further all.

The interpreter's voice addresses the soul's feelings about life and God, and shows the soul how to create a more positive relationship toward both life and God.










"I've healed your heart."
God is trying to reach us, but we're jamming the airwaves.

"Blessed is the work of your hands."
Respect your tremendous creative powers and use them wisely.

"I will comfort your soul."
...but He can't unless we reject negative interpretations and ego's reactions to the light.

"I'll return what you've lost."
Our biggest loss is losing our trust in God, and He needs our help to regain that.

"The fields are ripe. Go and pick."
Why and how we need to take responsibility for our own happiness.

"Lift your hands and look up with a smile."
What it means to REALLY get off being negative.

"The best is yet to come."
God wants us to be comforted, but He can't prevent human suffering created by selfish free will choices/reactions, based on attraction and aversion.

"You are free."
You ARE free but you need to stop using your freedom
to enslave yourself and create suffering.

"Do My Will."
God's Will and yours ARE the same, and He DOES accept you as you are -- but YOU don't. Will you?

  1. I've healed your heart.


"I've healed your heart."



Do you mean physically, spiritually, emotionally, or all three? I do have some minor heart problems. No big deal. But emotionally and spiritually, I feel completely lost, alone, ashamed, and unloved. Nothing's changed about any of that since I got this message.

So, what are You trying to tell me? You're certainly not making Yourself clear! Why tell me something if You know I won't understand? You should just stop talking if You can't do any better than that. This is why I am so frustrated!

I would be more than happy to hear what You have to say as long as I could understand it and apply it. Why can't You communicate with me and tell me You love me in some way I can understand???? Come on! Meet me somewhere so we can have a face-to-face talk.


Honestly, my friend, God isn't trying to withhold from you: quite the opposite! Do you know how often, and in how many ways, God is trying to tell you He loves you -- and how much He hopes you'll understand? It's unfortunate that all you can hear is bits and pieces: a word here, a word there -- like a bad cell phone connection. When God gets your attention, He's got to speak fast, and be brief. What comes through sounds like parables and double talk, perhaps, but it can't be otherwise until your connection improves. Believe me, you're still better off than many people, who "hear" nothing from God.

That poor connection isn't God's fault: it results directly from habits of thought which toxify both mind and body. As you know from experience, a person can think themselves into a deep hole. In that depressed state, they will feel dull, and cut off from God and everyone. That's why a negative mind is hard for God to get through to -- get it? In your bitterness, you indulge liberally in negative thinking that dulls your mind. Thus, even as you curse God for not giving you clear messages, you thicken yourself even more, further reducing your own ability to hear God's voice clearly. You are creating a vicious cycle by the way you think.

Also, negative mind makes things much worse when it comes to INTERPRETING what you hear. You seem to look for ways to make things sound confusing -- sometimes even MEAN. When you think God is around, you are liable to start yelling like crazy. IF you would calm down (and perhaps you don't WANT to calm down, you just want to remain upset) it would help tremendously.

Further, though your spirit wants some straight talk from God, your ego is extremely defensive when it comes to the crucial matter of taking responsibility. God has to take both factors into consideration. Perhaps you've walked that line yourself in the past. Maybe you had a friend who was suffering greatly from self-destructive habits. But when you tried to tell him that he was hurting himself, and how he was doing it, he reacted so negatively he hurt himself MORE. So you had to regroup. If straight talk is out of the question, what's left? Subtle hints? Parables? Generalizations? You sure don't want to make things worse. Well, neither does God.

Keep on asking God to meet with you, in prayer. And when you pray, don't get bitter and too impatient, and thereby thicken your mind. Take a more kindly view toward God and His communications. Remember that He's trying hard to communicate EVEN THOUGH it's hard to get through. Remember, too, the ambiguity and misunderstanding are not His fault; they result from the poor connection you've created.

Take your hand off that panic button. Kick that bad habit of despair and negative mind just as much as you can. How can God get through to you if you are screaming and pitching a fit? If God came then, you wouldn't even know it.

Open up, and try harder to STAY open, okay? Think more on the bright side, less on the dark side. You'll soon find that the answers to your prayers for understanding WILL come more often -- and they will be easier for you to understand.

  2. Blessed is the work of your hands.


"Blessed is the work of your hands."



This just feels like You are TRYING to make me feel worse! I have carpal tunnel and that hasn't gone away, and to make things even worse, I recently hurt my back and now I can't work at all. This message is like adding insult to injury! I don't need it!


Friend, you are understandably upset about your physical problems. Anyone would be, in your position. But God is not trying to rub that in. That is a good example of you misinterpreting His meaning. The work of your hands obviously just means "what you do." Period. That's not a parable -- more like a figure of speech. I bet if you ask a lot of people, they would agree with what I just said.

In saying, "blessed is the work of your hands," God wants you to get that you have great creative power. Your works are not in vain; they all bear fruit (either positive or negative, depending on the seed). You are indeed a chip off the old creator block! And obviously, your creative power isn't confined to your physical hands: It's just as much in your mouth, your feet -- and most of all, it's in your MIND. "Work of your hands" refers to everything you do. Everything you do is creative. None of the injuries you've suffered change that, or stop you from exercising your great creative powers.

And, speaking of using your creative powers, you are really MISusing them in getting mad at God about this promise, whether you realize it or not. You have plenty of reasons to be upset. But EVEN SO, you STILL do yourself great harm when, in anger or resentment, you decide to twist everything so as to make God look as bad as POSSIBLE. The fact that you feel lost, alone, and unloved -- even when God loves you dearly, and tries to show that in many ways -- proves how powerful your negative thinking is. Until you quit trying to defend that way of thinking, you will just hurt yourself, worse and worse. But, dear friend, you could use your power differently -- and you would get different results by doing so.

Respect your own power. The better you appreciate the life-changing power you have, the more you will be willing to control the way you use it. To be happy, you've got to lay off those hard drugs: anger, blame, despair. You've got to watch out for self-doubt, because it can easily become self-condemnation. You are just messing up your life by directing HUGE power through negative mind, resenting God, feeling sorry for yourself, and so on. There is no way to be happy that way. NEVER EVER could that work for you. Everything your soul wants depends on sincerely positive thought.

My friend, if you took the powerful conviction that you've invested in negative beliefs and invested it in positive thinking, you could create really good things for yourself and others. And remember, if you put only half of your energy into the positive, and put the other half into the negative, half of your results would be negative. So, how much you invest in negative thought should logically be determined by what percentage of your results you would like to be negative. That is for you decide.

  3. I will comfort your soul.


"I will comfort your soul."



I went to pray in my room, and wait for a sign of God's comfort. I sat down happily, with faith and trust that comfort would come. A long time went by but I felt no response. At one point I heard someone knock on my front door -- probably one of those darn door-to-door salesman selling something you don't want or need. I yelled out, "Go away!" I continued to sit and pray a while longer, but as time passed, my feeling of loneliness and despair grew and grew until I could hardly stand it anymore. Finally I felt so disappointed and angry I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to get out of the house and go for a drive. And wouldn't ya know it, my old broken down car almost wouldn't start! Later, the lady who lives across the street told me her daughter had come over that afternoon to give me a bouquet she had gathered by the side of the road for me.


You had a good idea and a good spirit, but what followed was ego's reaction to the light -- its way of sabotaging the good attitude you were showing at that moment. You've got to shine that reaction on, and NOT fall down into ego's darkness. You've got to say NO to that, period. God can't comfort you if you shut down your uplifting impulses, and send God away, in effect.

The story about the neighbor kid shows exactly how the mind can be your enemy, and how badly negative interpretations can mess you up. You interpreted the knock on the door in a negative way, and that made you reject a little girl's beautiful inspiration to give you a gift. How much her visit might have comforted your soul, and gladdened her heart! Your negative interpretation kept that from happening.

Therefore, beware of negative reinterpretation. Say NO to that junk. That junk is your enemy. Always turn to God, if you have to, and say, "God how should I interpret this?" Even if you can't do that, at least keep an open mind about positive POSSIBILITIES. Your trouble is, you BUY the negative junk FIRST, then ask questions LATER. But the damage is already done then. You've got to not BUY the junk in the first place. Just say NO to that. Don't even take one step down that road. You will be a WHOLE LOT better off if you take this advice to heart. It's the ONLY way out of this whole mess -- really.

  4. I'll return what you've lost.


"I will return what you've lost."



What do You mean by that? Don't get me started! I have lost SO much since my youth -- my energy, my teeth, my eyesight, lots of possessions, and many relationships. My relationship with my family is HISTORY... they don't want to see MY face, and the feeling's mutual. Worst of all, spiritually, I've totally lost touch with myself. I sure haven't gotten back ANY of what I lost YET! I need these things NOW, not just in the after life!

You say You will always stand by Your Word, but I guess You must have changed Your mind. Right???


When God said, "I'll return what you've lost," He didn't mean this on the physical level. Material things come and go, and to a degree, that's okay. We are not dependent -- not ultimately, at least -- on material things for our happiness. And furthermore, when our spirits are down, and our expectations are low, no amount of material things can heal our hearts. Isn't that true?

So, more significant than the material things you've lost, you lost some of your joy of youth, your positive outlook, your resilience -- the upbeat person became depressed, etc. You've had some hard times, and you took them hard. This is natural, to some extent, but it is not necessary, or irreversible. God doesn't want you to be in pain. He just needs you to HELP Him get you out of pain.

Here's the deal: God WILL give you back your joy, if you give your trust back to God. And that means real trust. Not just spurts of faith, and then getting HUGELY upset all over again, on a hair trigger. Not just testing, always about to take it all back after a little while. You need to give God sincere love, love that lasts. You've got to walk differently: MORE love of God, LESS resentment.

I know that's rough to hear, but as long as you CHOOSE to just stay in resentment, you're messed up forever. The thing is, resentment against God is one of the MOST painful things in your life -- and YOU are doing the resenting that's causing you so much pain. True, you feel you have reasons to be resentful. And you're real sure you have a right to be resentful -- which you certainly do. But you also have a right to be happy! And you have the right to choose between them. In fact, you've GOT to choose, because God can't give you back your lightness of spirit as long as you are weighing yourself down with resentment.

Don't worry: You don't HAVE to stay on that resentment trip, no matter how much your ego wants you to think you have to. It's just a bad habit.

  5. The fields are ripe. Go and pick.


"The fields are ripe. Go and pick."



What fields are You referring to? Do You have something for me? Is it a girlfriend? A good job? An affordable place to live?

But what's MINE? Don't You know I can't just go out and take whatever I want? If I did, I could get in a BUNCH of trouble! Forget that! So, if I am supposed to get part of the harvest, You are going to have to GIVE it to me! The ball is in YOUR court!


The ball IS in God's court -- somewhat -- and He's working real hard to do His part. Perhaps, for example, God can help you get job after job, girlfriend after girlfriend. He has done so, hasn't He? But surely, if you indulge in anger, you will lose them all, one after another. That's YOUR part. And you have nobody but yourself to blame THAT on, if that's the way you make it turn out.

What you think is extremely negative. Because it's extremely negative, it's extremely stressful and discomforting to you. Also, whatever is extremely discomforting to you is extremely discomforting to any human being. Makes sense, doesn't it? Therefore, what you think is extremely discomforting to everybody you meet and associate with. Given that, it should not be hard to imagine why you can't keep a girlfriend, why you have lost a series of jobs, and so forth. You've managed to alienate everybody. You've even blown off your family and have no desire to ever see them again. How have you done that? The same way you've brought many kinds of misfortune and disease upon yourself -- by your negative thinking. Do you see a pattern? You have made yourself upsetting to all -- including yourself -- by your persistent indulgence in negative thinking.

So you've GOT to share the responsibility with God. You can TRY to push everything off on Him, but whatever part is really yours, mishandling it will keep messing you up until you handle it right. Like this anger thing -- it's YOUR anger. No one -- not God, the world, your friends -- can fix it for you. You just have to stop living in anger and resentment. It is impossible for God or anybody to make you happy unless you STOP making yourself UNHAPPY.

Also, the way you are thinking is quite selfish. I'm not sure exactly what God meant by "The fields are ripe. Go and pick," but it's obvious that in your response to that, you are all about getting stuff for your material needs. Maybe that's what He meant. But maybe He's talking about satisfying your spiritual needs, and asking you to tune yourself to the availability of Truth and higher ways of thinking. Or maybe He's talking about "harvesting souls for God," in the sense of helping others tune themselves to a higher way of thinking.

Maybe ALL of these interpretations are true; God is certainly not opposed to you having material things. But when we view things -- even good things -- too selfishly, we end up mishandling them, to everyone's disadvantage. So please consider unselfish ways of interpreting this message.

  6. Lift your hands and look up with a smile.


"Stand, lift your hands and look up with a smile, and you will be happy. As long as you don't, you will be unhappy."



I knew I was unhappy, so I followed Your instructions several times, but I felt no change. Why did You promise me happiness and then not deliver? Did You change Your mind?


When God says look up with a smile, He's talking about a smile in your heart, not just on your face. It is a SPIRIT -- a POSITIVE spirit -- that uplifts, and makes us happy.

And it has to be deep and sincere, that positive spirit. Sometimes you THINK you're off the negativity, but you're not. When do you think you're off it, but you're not? When you're ready to get right back on it. It's like this: You have a girlfriend, and she says she's sorry about ragging on you too much, and she is going to QUIT ragging on you. But, a few days later, she's doing it all over again. Now she might say, "Hey, I quit ragging on you, didn't I? I was sincere about that." But then, she doesn't realize that there was still some part of her stuck on something, and so she got back on ragging on you again.

There are a couple of problems with that. First of all, you're not really off the negativity, so you keep creating negative results. And worse, since you THINK you got off it even though you didn't, you decide that getting off it doesn't work.

Now, you are a sincere guy. And I'm sure, as you said, you did as God instructed several times. But if you see the thing I'm telling you about a bad attitude, you might realize that MAYBE you didn't quite put 100% into that good attitude God was asking you for. The way it is, IF you're committed to MOSTLY bad attitudes, and you get back on that pretty quick after getting off it, then MAYBE you need to get off it better than that. Yes? Then maybe if you got off it better, what God said WOULD come true -- and you could be happy again. God is trying to get you to let go of negativity, so the unhappiness you're creating for yourself, mostly with negative mind, can vanish.

What you've got to understand is this: You play a big part in making yourself unhappy. Until you understand that, and get a grip on your part, you'll go on making yourself unhappy. You could say God is doing it, and not you. You could even choose to believe, if you want, that God's way doesn't work. But if you wish to be happy, you need to be humble and smart enough to see you might be WRONG about that. Sure, it's embarrassing to be wrong, but if you've got to be wrong, why not be wrong about your belief that God's way doesn't work? Then, even though your ego-pride may be hurt, your spirit is healed with the knowledge that God's way DOES work!

  7. The best is yet to come.


"The best is yet to come."



Again, it feels like You are mocking me. What good does a promise like that do me when I'm here on earth, not in heaven, and here on earth my needs are not being met. "Have faith" is not a good answer. That doesn't pay the bills! Saying "There are more important things in life than money" is a slap in the face when you're about to be homeless and haven't eaten decently in years. I am not like Job who can maintain faith even while having everything taken away from him. When is the best going to come? After I'm dead? I'm barely alive as it is.

I don't want any more hopes and dreams just to have God, or maybe Satan, take them away. If it's not Your fault, why do You let it happen? If You're testing my faith, I've already failed. Test's over!


I can tell you exactly what good a message like this can do you. It is meant to encourage you. Don't you think that it's good news to know that you are not lost forever? I think anybody would say so, if they thought about it, and accepted it for what it was.

I realize that type of good news doesn't make all your current troubles go away, but it is comforting to know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel -- even if you're still in the middle. And in a real sense, knowing that there's a light at the end of the tunnel IS a light in the middle of the tunnel. A comfort, a light.

It's like this: What if one of your friends had a painful bad back, and you learned that they would be better in two weeks? I bet you'd be anxious to tell them, hoping that it would comfort them to know that their pain would end in two weeks. That is compassionate on your part, isn't it? They could say, "Well, I am still in pain right NOW." True. But even so, what you said can and should bring them comfort, don't you think? It's worth a try.

God feels your pain, and He simply wants to comfort you. So, it might not mean anything to you, but He hopes it will. If you won't accept messages of comfort, then you just have to suffer WITHOUT the comfort those words could have given you.

I'll grant you, relief takes too long to come, sometimes. That seems to be the way it is. God will try, I imagine, to make things work the way you want them to work, if possible. But it's not always possible, due to factors beyond His control. What's beyond God's control? People's free will. God gave us free will, and He's got to RESPECT free will, because otherwise, there IS no free will any more. And that's where things get bit complicated.

It's not God's fault that some people decide to do bad things. If a guy has a messed up way of using his free will, lots of suffering can happen. Like maybe he takes drugs, and messes himself up. God didn't do that; the man did that -- with his free will. Or, another guy can decide to steal. God has to leave that alone, in order to respect his free will. That means somebody else loses some stuff.

Haven't you ever hurt somebody? Sure, everybody has. What happened was, due to a choice that you made, somebody else got hurt. You cannot blame God for that. In that case you could rightly take responsibility for it yourself. If you follow that reasoning, you'll understand, truly, that NONE of the bad things that happen in life are God's doing.

But then people still blame God for not stopping the bad things that happen in life. There are a lot of things God can't keep people from doing, because if He interfered with the bad things they want to do, He'd be interfering with free will. God won't do that. Period. Free will has to be. If there wasn't free will, then we're all just robots. It would be like God MAKING you be good, or love God. That is no good!

Now, you don't want somebody to come and mess you up out of their free will. But the thing is, God has to let that be. How would you feel if you were in a bad mood, and you wanted to go ahead and hurt somebody, and God just flat out stopped you? You might feel protected from your own stupidity, but more likely you'd be angry at God for getting in your way. In a world where people were not given the opportunity to do anything wrong, everyone would be quite unhappy with it, I'm sure.

And, if God can't stop people from doing negative things, He also can't protect innocent people from being hurt. A person may say, "Okay, I understand that God can't stop some maniac from stealing something, but if God cares about me, why can't God protect ME?"

Well, if God protected you from being stolen from, where would that person who wants to steal go, then? Don't you see that if YOU have a right to be protected by God from that thief, then everyone ELSE does, too? And if you and everyone is protected, then from whom should that thief steal? And if he is not in fact allowed to steal, then what has happened to his right to act according to his own free will?

So, there's free will, and sure enough, some nasty stuff happens because of it. Can't really be helped, unless man wants to get straight, and stop messing up so bad -- like stealing stuff. Hurt people hurt people they say. God can't stop that. The hurting will end only when someone decides to stop hurting.


It's been five years since You said, "the best is yet to come." Nothing has improved. As far as I'm concerned, everything's worse! Why are You waiting so long to give me what I need and want? I know what that is, and I haven't changed my mind about that. You should have given it to me a long time ago, and You didn't. If You want to make things better now, it better be the right stuff.


Whoa, there! Aren't you being a bit too narrow in what you want from God? It may seem natural and innocent enough to want what you want, and it truly is. But we have to be careful about the way we do it. This business of human beings pursuing what they want and fleeing from what they don't want creates huge problems. In the desire to get to one thing or to get away from something else, a lot of harm gets done, to oneself and others.

People will say, "That jacket is to die for." Or, "I'd give my right hand for a home like that." Or, "Any woman would kill to have a figure like hers." Those may seem to only be figures of speech, but we see that, in pursuing his attachments or trying to escape his aversions, man will not only hurt himself but will also hurt others.

For example, when people hear a fire alarm, they may be in such a panic to save themselves that they actually trample and kill others who are in their way. Or, for a more everyday example: A man who is very averse to external authority or surrender may lose one job after another and cause a great deal of harm to his family on that account. But that guy would defend his actions, saying he'd just as soon commit suicide as take an ordinary day job and be a slave to some stupid boss. Likewise, a woman might prefer to be frigid than allow herself to experience true sexuality. In both cases, life itself is valued below a specific goal or objective that a person has. It shows that human beings can be very "principled" and can often put their "principles" above their well-being, and even above existence.

You can also see very clearly that when a person is too specific in their demands, they set themselves up for being disappointed almost 100%. There is a great potential in there for both harm of self and harm of other -- to be disappointed oneself, and to be hurtful in relationship to others as a result of disappointment.

For example: A little girl wants a certain doll for her birthday. And when she says CERTAIN, she MEANS certain. There might be, for example, a hundred styles of Barbie dolls. But of those, the girl wants only one particular one. And if she opens her Barbie doll box and doesn't get that one particular doll, she's likely to create a painful incident. Similarly, a little boy wants a certain Lionel train for Christmas. Not just any train, but a certain make and model and color train. If he doesn't get it, again, there's going to be no joy at Christmas.

Another problem about getting real specific with God is that mostly, we are asking for things of much less value than what God wants to give us, and much less value than what we ourselves really want.

It is like an unhappy wife telling her husband, "If you will not get me this exact car in this exact color and make and model and year, then I will not be happy. I must have this now." Now, what happened to that woman, that her wish list has come down to a certain car? When she started out very hopeful as a young bride, she had every expectation that her marriage would be beautiful. But it didn't work out that way. Instead what happened was a miserable marriage of loneliness and frustration and despair that led her to give up on her original vision. And then she became what is called "a heavy shopper." She took her frustrated soul desire for a unitive and happy marriage, and turned it into a shopping spree. This was a lowering of the sights on her part -- an adaptation to having given up on her own deeper soul goals, and her own deeper requirements for fulfillment.

So that's how it came to pass that she said, "The only form of love that I will now accept is this car." Which is another way of saying, "The only form of love that I would be prepared to believe is this car" -- even though it is also true at the same time that she would not really believe it. Because when she got the car she would say, "Yeah, you gave me a car, but remember, this car was only a fallback position. It was not what I REALLY wanted, and therefore there's only so much satisfaction that I'm going to derive from this car. I only asked for it because you're so stingy on meeting my real needs, and I felt that a car might be within your budget."

Once the wife gets to that point, there is no way the husband can satisfy her by any means. If he refuses any of her demands, he shows himself to be as stingy as she thinks he is. But she won't be satisfied even if he accommodates ALL her demands. Then all he's done is to be generous under duress. And he still hasn't given her what she originally wanted when they first got married, which is the only thing that could REALLY satisfy her heart and soul.

The only possible solution is to actually look at the marriage itself, and heal its deeper problems. And the same goes for your relationship with God. It's not about making demands of God and insisting on getting them met. It's about healing the relationship itself, and creating the intimacy that both you and God want with each other.

  8. You are free.


"You are free."



I don't FEEL free! Why did You say that to me? Does freedom mean something totally different to You than to me?


I understand that right now it seems that way. At present, your idea of freedom is primarily the freedom to be negative, along with a hope for liberation from experiences that you feel "make" you negative. But God knows, for you, a higher freedom would come from realizing that you don't HAVE to be negative. Bad luck and trouble, for example, don't have to MAKE you negative -- only if you let them.

God wants you to "unplug" attitudes from your experiences, because that's REAL freedom. If you sincerely thought about it, you would AGREE with God about that. Then both you and God would know that only if you unplug your attitudes from your experience can you be happy in the face of life's inevitable difficulties. After all, there's almost always SOMETHING to be unhappy about! Why condemn yourself to endless misery?

Until you disconnect your attitudes from your experience, all you can do is run around saying, "Hey, this and that bad thing happened -- I HAVE to be messed up and upset. If I wasn't upset, I'd be a liar, or I'd be crazy, or I'd be blind."

CAREFULLY EXAMINE THE STATEMENT ABOVE, my friend, because it is EXACTLY what you believe -- and this particular belief is causing almost ALL of your suffering. NO CHOICE -- what does that mean?????? Can't you see that, with that belief, you're making yourself a slave by saying you have NO CHOICE except to be upset?

You don't have to be different than you are to be free, because you ARE free. But at present, using your freedom, you are choosing beliefs that ensnare you. Why not claim your power over darkness, and use it? Claiming your freedom, and using it to your true BENEFIT -- that's the freeway to happiness.

Freedom IS, you see? But REALIZING freedom requires getting rid of slavish ways of thinking, and being more truthful. The TRUTH is, nothing "makes you" anything. Your problem isn't a lack of freedom -- only the misuse of it. You've used your freedom -- your free will, and your brain, and your interpretation of things -- in such a way as to feel trapped and limited. God just wants you to know it, that's all. And now, friend, don't do that anymore.

  9. Do My Will


"Do My Will."



What do You mean, "Do My Will?" Are You trying to say You don't love me as I am? I've tried to clean up my act, cuss less, tell only the truth. I've given up a lot of things I like to do. But why should I have to give up who I am to do Your Will? Who I am is part of me -- it's how YOU made me. If You would accept me the way I am, I could do my will, and it would be okay with You. I am who I am, and if that's not good enough for You then why even bother.


Your ego will always tell you that your will is tremendously different than God's. But is that so? Let's see: God wants love -- do you? God wants liberation -- do you? God wants peace and mercy -- do you? God wants you to be happy -- do you?

Actually, dear friend, your will is not so different than God's. But that statement only seems true when you realize that you are Spirit, NOT ego. It is YOU who need to accept yourself the way you are. Like Father, like son.

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We know that you appreciate what we're doing. We've received thanks from many of you. If we appreciated anything that much, we think it would be the right thing, for us, to support it. That's how we live. We give from our pockets as well as from our hearts.

We ask you to consider whether you would do the same for us.

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