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by David Truman

Towards a new (spiritual) ecology

The toxic environmentalist pollutes his world

Physician, heal thyself

God's thoughts are healing

Mentalness and receptivity

The ego's "need" for intellectual comprehension

How one technology yields to the next

Seeing your limitations allows for change

Random and general receptivity

Working for the release of ego-orientation

Walking in faith

The usual man, like the prodigal son, strikes out on a ruggedly individualistic course though life. In the dogged pursuit of his strictly personal ends, he misuses natural resources at every level: the physical resources of the planet; the mental resources of the mind; the human resources of personal associates; and even the supernatural resources of Divine agents. The results are often disastrous: He ends up sitting alone in a wasteland created by his own misguided, unguided thoughts. MATES? -- all gone. FRIENDS? -- not many, if any. FAMILY? -- Where? Stubborn identification with ego is responsible for that mess.

Fortunately, Divine guidance CAN correct the problems set in motion by man's will. But Divine guidance is something one must accept. Man will be able to achieve true harmony only when he voluntarily AVAILS HIMSELF of God's beneficial DIRECTION.

This transcript deals with the development of the precious quality of SURRENDER in the heart and soul of man. Through surrender to the Divine will, man can not only save the world, he can save one of the greatest natural resources in the world -- HIMSELF.

Towards a new (spiritual) ecology

For some time now, many people have been concerned about the degradation of our planet's physical environment. What this world needs now is awareness of SPIRITUAL ecology. We need a perspective that takes into account the purity and sensitivity of the heart, and supports right relationship to our supernatural resources, as well as our natural ones.

At this point in human history, the word "environment" is often used to refer to physical elements of the environment -- forests, rivers, oceans, atmosphere, and so on. And likewise, toxic elements are also considered mainly in physical terms -- chemical pollutants, nuclear waste, ozone disturbance, and so on. An environmentalist, therefore, is one who champions the preservation, purification, and protection of physical elements in the environment. There is nothing wrong with this calling, really, but it is too narrow in scope to be ultimately effective at achieving its goals.

Before true planetary healing can be achieved, we must think more deeply about the meaning of words like ENVIRONMENT, POLLUTION, and TOXICITY. Obviously, our whole environment includes non-physical factors, too, such as emotions, feelings, and thoughts. To ignore or abuse these subtle but powerfully causative resources creates environmental disasters of even greater magnitude than other ecological problems.

Fortunately, even the most materially oriented environmentalist will be quick to admit that the ecological problems facing humanity are only symptomatic expressions of man's deeper underlying spiritual and emotional diseases -- such as greed, selfishness, and narrow mindedness. In that sense, efforts that focus on physical issues represent primarily symptomatic approaches to planetary healing. Seeing that, wise environmentalists may need to readjust their strategy. Until and unless the underlying disease is cured, they cannot expect to eliminate its symptoms.

Q: But isn't that what consciousness-raising is all about?

A: Yes, but for satisfactory results, consciousness must be raised to a level higher than the average environmentalist recommends or even EMBRACES. The fact is, people may exercise ecological responsibility at the physical level while remaining irresponsible at the emotional/spiritual levels. Consequently, their planetary contribution will be mixed.


The toxic environmentalist pollutes his world

Let me offer rather extreme, but hopefully useful, example: the toxic environmentalist. A dedicated fellow, but somewhat negative in attitude and socially inept, he unintentionally causes troubles for himself and for those around him. So, on the one hand, he labors heroically to improve the physical environment by planting trees. But unfortunately, he leaves muddy tracks wherever he goes, creating toxic waste on the emotional level by offending his friends, house mates, and fellow volunteers with his negative THOUGHTS, his personal SELFISHNESS, and his destructive REACTIONS.

Now, what will be written on that environmentalist's tombstone? On one side, as he would have it, it should be written what he had accomplished in this lifetime: "He planted lots of trees, and left the world a prettier, greener place." But perhaps, on the other side, we should record all the OTHER things he did. How many people did he hurt? How much confusion and disillusionment did he create in those around him? And we might very well find that his net contribution to the environment, both locally and globally, is more of a DRAIN than a GAIN. The toxic environmentalist needs a higher level of dynamic sensitivity to the world around him before he will create a wholly beneficial and globally constructive result.

Like the toxic environmentalist, many of us unknowingly poison our surroundings with our own selfish thoughts and attitudes. Toxic pollution in mind and heart is not a problem to be taken lightly. It can drive us out of our homes, and even render our relationships uninhabitable!


Physician, heal thyself

The story of the toxic environmentalist shows us the importance of accepting environmental responsibilities in a more truly responsible -- and all-encompassing -- sense. We must stop feeding the negative and selfish tendencies that are ultimately responsible for the physical manifestations we are working to correct.

"As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm." We have seen that collectively, selfish individual orientations spawn macrocosmic problems that we can easily identify when they reach the level of planetary ills. We have seen that the usual noble "cause" may attempt to offset certain effects of selfishness, but it does not work hard enough -- or smart enough -- to cure the selfishness that CREATES those problems.

We do well to try to heal society, but not at the expense of self-healing. There is little use trying to heal the symptoms of selfishness if we ourselves are carriers of the disease. Therefore, effective environmental clean-up MUST start with the individual. And more specifically, it must start with the individual's ORIENTATION. The most truly effective responsible thing we can do is eliminate in ourselves the selfishness that causes the myriad problems we see around us. This alone strikes to the very root of the problem.

Where does selfishness come from? Selfishness results from excessive egotism. Egotism invariably pursues its own survival instincts and its lives its own selfish and insensitive patterns TO THE DETRIMENT of the world community.

Ecological disasters are due to the egocentric insensitivity of man to his God-given environment, but so are the failures of the relationships; the troubles groups have in making decisions; the struggles human beings face in getting through another day; the difficulties that human beings suffer in creating and maintaining positive emotional states. When you see the coming and going of relationships, groups, human beings, human enterprise, you see the outworkings of man's egoity -- primarily messing things up. And you realize that we have a world that is suffering terribly from ego-directed living.

If we are to effectively help and heal the world, we must upgrade the actual SOURCE of motivation by overcoming our egotistical tendencies. The only way to escape egoity is to surrender to the will of God. That's the ONLY way we can live a life that is more truly and sublimely constructive, appropriate, and beneficial.

I have three pieces of good news about surrender to God.



Through surrender to God, the ego CAN be made to loosen its grip on our thoughts and actions.


Through surrender to God, a true connection to living Divine guidance CAN be established.


Divine guidance is unerringly accurate in its wisdom, and marvelously effective in its implementation.

Only Divine intelligence can create ultimately positive outcomes. And surely, Divine love has capacities beyond what survival has. A spirit-tuned person will happily sacrifice for his fellow man; a selfish person might even kill to get what he wants. How, then, can survivalistic impulse equal transcendent wisdom? The work of God on earth is cosmically elegantly superior to anything man could devise.

God's thoughts are healing

Action proceeds from thought. The human mind is potentially a great tool for planetary healing. But just as selfish thought is the ultimate source of ecological abuse, misdirected thought is the true cause of almost all of man's woes.

Obviously, earth has critical need for wise and right thought. Unfortunately, human actions are often inappropriate simply because we are not sufficiently sensitive to environmental realities. Our thinking is too narrow. And furthermore, our over-reliance on thinking obstructs our feeling. It is impossible to act appropriately if we are not sufficiently sensitive to the environment.

In short, man is not right enough. And more than that, he cannot, by relying on his intellectual processes alone, achieve true rightness. Man simply has a vision of too small a scope to take enough into account. Just as a person can only calculate one or two factors, and just as a little manmade robot can only do a couple of things, a lone human is not, in and of himself, capable of the level of discernment, understanding, and wisdom necessary to truly be appropriately responsive in this world.

You see the primitive quality of man's inventions in the development of robots. It is exceedingly difficult to build a robot that can successfully make its way around the house. A robot is lucky if it can hit a wall and then turn around -- but that's about all it can manage. However, a child operating a radio-controlled toy can steer that toy anywhere, competently. All that is required is that the toy be receptive to radio control. In that same way, God and his agents can navigate receptive human individuals competently through life.

Man needs Divine help to think clearly and right. The fact is, God and His agents are far more sensitive to environmental factors than mortals can possibly be. So, when we consider thought as the basis for action, we ought to ask: WHOSE thought? We take it for granted that OUR thoughts are the source of our deeds, and that it must always be so. That is not the case. We can allow Divine thoughts to guide our actions. And once DIVINE thoughts become the source of our deeds, our actions will be much more truly effective, and more healing.

It has been said that, "Man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." We could restate that by saying, "Man does not live by his own mind alone, but by every thought that proceeds from the mind of God."


Mentalness and receptivity

Q: Don't people have to clear their minds to allow for the reception of Divine guidance?

A: Yes. The mind functions in mono, not stereo -- that is, we can only think one thing at a time. A busy-minded fellow may be sitting in a lecture thinking hard to understand what the lecturer is saying. However, if he is thinking too hard, he jams his own airwaves. In that case, he can barely HEAR the lecture, much less understand the significance of it.

But the question is this: how do you go about clearing your mind? We can admit that obsessive thinking is indeed the obstruction, but what causes obsessive thinking? Obsessive thinking is the result of the conviction that "I must handle this, or else it will not get handled. I must analyze this or else I will not understand it." It is inevitable and unavoidable that self-directed human creatures will exhibit a chronic knee-jerk tendency to jam the airwaves with ongoing willful cogitation. That is WHY they render themselves unreceptive to and insensitive to Godly or cosmic direction. And that is WHY the usual mortal life runs off track.

Accordingly, the achievement of surrender, ultimately, is not about trying hard to create a blank and receptive mind. Rather, it is achieved by eliminating the CAUSE of obsessive thinking -- excessive self-reliance. When a person's life is surrendered to God, he doesn't have to worry and think about everything so much. Because he has faith that the answers will come to him, he can relax. And then, of course, the answers come.


The ego's "need" for intellectual comprehension

The ego attacks the rightness of Divine guidance or intuitive prompting by implying that intellectual understanding alone provides a secure basis for action. But many examples in our own lives prove this assumption isn't true. Much of man's understanding is intuitive. For example, when we see a child crying, we respond without thinking. Does a mother need intellectual understanding to respond with comforting assurance and tender care to her crying child? Can you imagine what would happen if a mother had to intellectually understand the source of her child's discomfort BEFORE she would respond or provide comfort? Children would get very little proper care.

Just so, in relation all of God's children, what we call compassion and understanding refers to an emotional feeling response, rather than an intellectual response that results from analysis. The same applies when we say "I understand what you are going through."

God's promptings impel us to that same quality of human response. The true understanding God provides is more than intellectual. It is intuitively and emotionally comprehensive and responsive. Compared to that, mere intellectual understanding is both ineffectual and insufficient.

However, our egotistical survival reactions cloud our vision and reduce our willingness to accept Divine inspiration. We want to be safe, and in order to be safe, we feel we must be sure. In the absence of faith, sure means intellectually sure, intellectually convinced. So the ego tells us.

Of course, intellectual satisfaction is not too difficult to achieve. And when you DO, you begin to see the method to the ego's madness. Then you discover that the ego is not really insistent on understanding, so much as determined to avoid the obligations of loving.

If the intellect is satisfied, the ego will promptly switch from the intellectual objection to an emotional one. It will complain, "Well, this is obvious, and I understand it fine -- but I don't FEEL it." There you see that the ego is determined to try to escape the obligations of love by any means possible. It wants to get out of loving altogether.

Relative to "being able to feel it," consider what actually happened to those feelings the ego claims it would love to have, but does not: By the application of doubt, conceived in the mind during the search for understanding, the ego managed to douse the true spirit of love. In its place, we simply FEEL what the ego-mind THINKS. The feeling of doubt is the way doubt thoughts FEEL.

It is incredibly arrogant that the ego proudly thinks it COULD understand all things and do all things right, in the same way as a short-sighted scientist might think that he is replicating life when he makes a robot walk. But in the end, all a manmade machine can accomplish is to go to end of the room, then turn around, and go back the other way.

There is a grand "aha!" waiting for those scientists who develop a real appreciation for the Divine creative potential. They see that a tiny insect can enjoy an effective existence without much brain. Just as a gnat can be directed to elegantly live out its life cycle by this process we call instinct, a human being can be directed to live a supremely intelligent life by obeying Godly wisdom. But as we said, that requires a moment-to-moment sensitivity to the constant flow of direction and re-direction though Divine promptings. And that sensitivity can only result from the overcoming or release of excessive self-reliance.


How one technology yields to the next

It is the maximum accomplishment of one technology to yield itself to the next. Such is progression of evolution: one technology or approach yields itself to the next, through a series of progressively more refined and effective approaches. Mankind found that we could not make a wooden clock too effectively, but we could make a better clock using metal. The we moved on to transistors and quartz crystals. Today, the most accurate clocks in this world are radio-updated by instruments that measure atomic oscillations.

You can make a fantastic clock by asking God what time it is. God knows what time it is. It's time to get straight! The "radio transmitters" of God are always putting out the sublime, absolute Truth and proper direction. By tuning to these transmissions, a receptive human being can always do the right thing at the right time.

So, just as the technology of the wooden clock yielded to metal clocks, and then electric, and finally atomic clocks, human beings must ever seek better ways of living. Someday, the human heart wallowing in misery will realize that ego-direction is the cause of its troubles. Just as a radio-activated toy is useless without its child operator, so is a human being unplugged from Godly wisdom.

There is a Divine receptor in each and everyone of us. If the mind gets out of the way, and if the ego can be subdued, and if the survivalistic motion can be tamed, that receptor can be relied on for moment-to-moment guidance. Every Divinely-directed individual is operating on that new and higher technology.

But human beings learn slowly. It takes a lot of repetition of negative experience for the human organism to realize its own plight. It takes great dysfunction for a person to realize they are dysfunctional. For that, it is absolutely essential that the human INDIVIDUAL see his or her patterns of failure, PERSONALLY: the attempts to create beauty, followed by the tendency to mess it all up, and to turn life into ugliness. We suffer that pattern over and over, until finally the computer inside our head sees the pattern for what it is, and says, "There must be a better way." And, the sensitivity in our heart says, "This is not right, and this will not do." When that realization dawns, every person becomes wise, and wisely surrenders to God. Then things will go much better.


Seeing your limitations allows for change

Experience can be a great teacher -- IF you learn from it. AND if what you learn from it is what God would have you learn. But there is no guarantee that either will happen. Human beings are gluttons for self-punishment. We are prone to repeating the same mistakes over and over.

The trouble is, we mortals have great difficulty in properly interpreting experience. We think about everything, all right, and we try to understand everything -- but in the end, no amount of human contemplation can create truly enlightened insight. We only produce narrow, linear conclusions.

No degree of learning is equivalent to Godly wisdom, for Godly wisdom is DYNAMIC and adaptable, whereas rote learning is STATIONARY and rigid. But, we CAN learn to surrender to Divine guidance in our thoughts and actions, and THEN our thoughts and actions will be right.

It is a happy day when you finally confront that fact. In order to surrender to higher intelligence and competence, you must first reach a point where you realize the limitations of your own intelligence and competence. You must see that without Divine guidance, humans just create all kinds of havoc. You must see, conclusively, that true rightness -- whatever it is, and whenever it appears -- cannot result merely from human cogitation and decision. It must come from a much higher order of thought that is much broader and deeper than ours.

This is humility: a sublime intelligence that can discern its own flaw. Only the greatest intelligences have that discernment. They have the intelligence to recognize the limitations of human intelligence. They have the intelligence to recognize that a human being who is NOT driven by and surrendered to Godly direction is incapable of effective operation -- just like a radio operated toy truck without an intelligent child operator.

It is the stroke of enlightenment for any intellectual to realize the limitations of the intellect. It is a stroke of enlightenment for any thoughtful person to admit the limitations of thought. It is a stroke of enlightenment when any survival-oriented being realizes the limitations of survival orientation as a whole. It is a stroke of genius to realize that genius is of God. And that means this: "That is not my idea. I only SAID that."

When or to the extent that people surrender to Divine guidance, they see a new pattern emerging. They see a pattern in which everything they touch turns to gold. They see a pattern in which everything they are inspired to do turns out gorgeous. They begin to realize that Divine guidance is unfailing, unerring, and sublimely beautiful. You can see it; you can feel it.


Random and general receptivity

Surrender to Divine intelligence means receiving and implementing Divine guidance. This is the right direction; the direction that comes from God. But how does one find it? Well, one has to be open to it.

Random receptivity. Strangely enough, many of our greatest flashes of insight "come to us" at what we might call odd times. When we're just strolling peacefully down the street, for example. Or tying our shoes. Then, suddenly: "It dawned on me!" "I got this flash of insight!" We've all had MANY such experiences.

What can we understand about random flashes of insight? Usually, at such times, we're not making any effort to think about anything in particular. From such experiences, we can reasonably conclude that at those odd times, we happen to be sufficiently relaxed and open that our mind is empty enough to RECEIVE the insight.

Perhaps insight is always "coming to us," but we are not always equally available to hear it. We hear it only SOMETIMES, when we relax our efforts, and let our guard down.

General receptivity. Clearly, in the life of the usual person, flashes of true insight are relatively rare. So, the state of RECEPTIVITY is more or less uncharacteristic and accidental. If our insight is to be more regular or frequent, we need to achieve a state of mind that is more GENERALLY receptive -- rather than rarely so, or accidentally so. How do we achieve that?

The achievement of GENERAL receptiveness results from a philosophic adjustment. Where do we place our PRIMARY faith when it comes to problem-solving -- that is, when we need insight? At such times, do we rely PRIMARILY on personal thought, or do we rely PRIMARILY upon providential insight? Do we say, "I'll think about this and work it out," or do we say, "I need to relax about this -- it'll come to me"?

Usually, most of us place our PRIMARY faith in our own mental processing. That is what makes us unreceptive to intuitive insight and higher guidance in general. What we need to do, to properly reorient ourselves, is lose face and lose faith in our own problem-solving capacities.

I've said that the ultimate iteration of intellect is that intellect which grows so astute as to be able to see itself as being essentially flawed. I've said that the ultimate doubter learns to doubt doubt. The most suspicious individual eventually comes to suspect himself. Short of that, doubt has not been fully utilized, and neither has suspicion. In the same way, the intellect eventually somersaults over itself. Realizes that it itself is limited, it pulls its own plug. In other words, we learn not to rely so heavily on our own thought processes as our PRIMARY source of insight. And we shift our PRIMARY faith to that which "comes to us." That philosophic shift moves us into an orientation that is more receptive IN GENERAL.


Working for the release of ego-orientation

From the dawn of man onward, in every truly spiritual society that has ever existed in proper alignment with truth, the core project has been the achievement of the effective surrender of man to God. Those enlightened cultures have never stopped short of it, nor have they conceived for themselves a higher goal or purpose.

Surrender may appear in the outworkings of good works; it may APPEAR in the outworking of service. Surrender may be reinforced by means of prayer, meditation, service, and self transcending activity. But surrender is not ultimately ACHIEVED by any means other than the release of egoity itself. That alone allows for the re-establishment of the cosmic link.

In that light, I implore you to understand the true import and method of this teaching. I make no attempt to recommend manmade solutions. When I recommend right thinking, good works, intelligent thought, I recommend these things for one purpose only. I want to help people see for themselves the obvious fact that all these things are entirely insufficient -- if they are performed egocentrically. Everything I say, and all of people's experience, points to the single conclusion that human beings need to surrender egoity in order to be happy and to be free.

I have spent countless hours trying to unravel the knotted threads of human emotion and human thought. I have confronted the fact that in the mind of an ego-identified human being, almost everything is cross-wired, backwards and upside down. Having written many thousands of pages analyzing those twists and turns, I can now say WHY. I can point out, in thousands of specific ways, how ego-orientation distorts everything, twists the truth, and misses the point of life with its twisted logic.

But how can we rewire mis-wired brains? Our hope lies not in analysis itself. I describe egotistical activity primarily to point out the extent and magnitude of the ego's folly. All my investigations are like the proverbial thorn that is used to remove another thorn. In the end, ego orientation cannot be improved upon; it must simply be RELEASED.

So you see, our view is not that we can ultimately correct the ego's position, but rather that we can understand the errors of its ways. And seeing that, we can learn to ignore it. We can abandon it, and take to the higher path, where the hunting is more favorable, where good results are assured.


Walking in faith

Q: But what if you're not there yet? You can see the truth of it, but you are not ready to do it.

A: For that, there's a great intermediate step, and taking it will give heart to many others in the same position: a person can walk in FAITH.

It is right to say that complete surrender to the will of God is the goal and ideal, while knowing that the path of evolution is progressive. But a person can orient themselves rightly by picking up the scent of truth and then walking the right direction -- in FAITH. Any person can do that much.

When you walk in faith, you are saying, "I right now do not have the spiritual sophistication to surrender myself to God lock, stock, and barrel. But I can certainly walk faithfully in this direction until I gain the altitude I need to get a larger view." That is the way of faith. That is the method for now.

Have no doubt, steps of faith are themselves Divinely guided. And even the initial steps express a laudable degree of surrender -- limited though it may be. But you can be sure, on the path of faith, that each footfall will indeed move you on towards a greater horizon and a greater vista of truth. As each step follows upon the previous one, you will move appreciably closer and closer to the realization of God's perfection.

By walking in faith, you can establish an authentic connection to Truth which is not mediated by human authority figures, or by texts, or by prescriptions. You can follow your intuitive realization of Godly surrender as it now exists. And you can learn to follow Divine direction in a cooperative relationship with the Divine.

You don't HAVE to conclusively know many things at this time. All you have to do is walk in the right direction. For that, it helps to is take some good guidance, if you can find it: some human agents of truth, a Church or spiritual group that seems to be going in a good direction, or what have you. The various agents of truth can give us guidance that will unerringly move us closer to our goals -- if we just faithfully follow it.

Here's an everyday example of faith in operation. When you travel to visit a friend in an unfamiliar city, after you arrive in town, you ask a resident for directions to your final destination. Having gotten directions, what do you do next? You certainly don't fret, reject their advice, and drive randomly in circles, hoping to eventually locate the place by chance. Not at all! You simply set out in accord with the advice, confident it will lead you where you're going. And it is reasonable, when you think of it, that someone who is familiar with that neck of woods will competently show you the way. Perhaps that wayshower is God's messenger to you


To show a reliable direction, then, is my true purpose -- and obviously, it is the true purpose of all teachings of real spiritual import. We are all here to point human steps in such a direction that, even if the person can't enjoy a conscious Divine connection right now, they will be able to so before long.

But whatever you do, always know that in the end, it's your attitude of surrender that counts most. And that's a choice. Ultimately, either you go with your own mental processes, in a ruggedly individualistic fashion, or else you go with faith, accepting Divine guidance.

Surrender allows people to loosen their grip on their own small purposes and plans. Without some willingness to do that, we tend to walk in circles -- if we're lucky. We may even walk backwards. We may not follow any path that leads to a progressively better result this week than last week, simply because our direction is worse than random -- it is ego-directed, which is methodically counter-productive!

And, whatever we do, we must try to get our egos out of the way. Unless we do, we are bound to suffer from the RESULTS of following our ego's directions. We suffer greatly what the ego creates for us -- a destiny chock full of dead ends, needless frustrations, and tragic heartaches. Until this ego-driven guidance system yields to the higher systems of guidance, humans will continue to suffer.

Q: You know, if you have a computer problem, you may tinker with, tinker with it, tinker with it, and still keep having the problem. Finally you take it to the repair shop and the repairman says, "No problem. I'll fix it," What he does is replace the motherboard. It's kind of like that. You don't need to fix your mortal perspective. You need a new perspective. You're not trying to improve your perspective. You just need a new one.

A: Exactly! IMPROVED self-direction is nothing to hope for. Experience has proven that no amount of study or effort, however diligent, can possibly substitute for Divine guidance. There IS a better way. The better way is the way of truth. Human beings should quit saying, "I could do it, I could figure it out," and instead say in a true spirit of surrender, "May Thy will, not mine, be done."

But, you may need to walk in a direction until such time as you can see the need for the acceptance of an entirely new vision. When you reach that point, that's when you come to the conclusion, "Let Thy will, not mine be done." Then you are prepared to more thoroughly surrender your thought processes to a higher guidance. But until that time, you need to walk TOWARDS that horizon in order to eventually arrive at the point of a more wholesale and heartfelt surrender.


This, then, is mortal progress as we understand it at this level: to walk in faith far enough way to reach that point of surrender. To study life diligently, and more and more thoroughly understand the real NEED for surrender. The lesson must be learned, that self-directed human life does not, cannot, and never will work satisfactorily.

If that sounds depressing, make no mistake -- it is liberating, only liberating. But before there will be change, there's got to be disenchantment. There's got to be self-suspicion. There's got to be disillusionment. There's got to be a clear understanding that excessive ego-orientation is THE obstacle to the higher path, and that Divine direction is the only alternative to the problems of ego. Human beings must honestly admit that no amount of adherence to any manmade plan could possibly create real success, produce lasting healing, or make meaningful love on this planet. I believe that every saint and sage has come here to make that same point. Divine direction is the RIGHT direction.

There is something incredibly important that human beings need to progressively realize about the repetitive failures of creature-directed enterprise. You can easily see evidence of that failure on any level you care to inspect. You can see it on a societal level, a cultural level. You can see it on the global, national, state, county, or street level. You can see it on the family level, and you can see it on an individual level. "As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm." It's all the replication of the same folly at different scales of iteration. But at whatever level you see it, you will realize that any lasting change for the better in human life will only be achieved by surrender to the Divine will.

The more that obvious fact dawns upon a person, and the more they attempt to embrace more appropriate patterns, the more they will ultimately realize the Truth: Liberation cannot be achieved by memorizing of higher knowledge. Nor does it lie in following rote prescriptions of any kind. What it takes for life to work is surrender -- surrender of egotism. And surrender of the individual will to the Divine will.

Every genius, every Divinely inspired saint or sage has always done this. Every human being is called by their example to do the same, knowing that the technology of Divine guidance is of a higher and more effective order altogether.

When that realization dawns, that's the stroke of enlightenment. With that simple realization, we turn to truth in earnest. We finally surrender appropriately and in a heartfelt manner to God, and follow Divine direction.

by David Truman

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