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The World's Love Crisis
by David Truman

Beloved seer, knower, servant of humanity, we humbly request your help on behalf of the world; we sorely need it. As you know, humanity is sinking in a world where human, loving support is scarce. Many who have the sensibilities to love truly have withdrawn from the human arena.

Spiritual teachers and seekers alike have wisely seen that egoic motives and attachments in human life -- particularly in love relationships -- cause great suffering. Thus, many teachers have taught that to realize God and find freedom, people should turn away from their egos, their human qualities, and "worldly" involvements. But the fact remains, each of us NEEDS love from others to be healed. And, as part of that great healing, we need to love others too. Even spiritual seekers need to give and receive human love. Granted, since God is Love, spiritual realization should bode well for the realization of true love on earth. But here, beloved helper, is our concern:

For MANY seekers, the bridge to higher consciousness is out. Being quite convinced that human beings are egoic, and that human relationships are deluding, they've nearly abandoned hope for human love. Yet, they are unable to be adequately nourished by prayer and meditation alone. That, needless to say, is a huge problem for the planet at the present time.

When it comes to human intimacy, knowing that excessive egotism ruins love, many people feel they're "damned if they do." But also, since a lack of sufficient love-fulfillment weakens people, and keeps them weak, they're "damned if they don't." One can hardly expect to mount an effective assault on the Mount Everest of God-realization in that weakened condition. Catch-twenty-two!

Yogis and teachers of ascending paths may not fully appreciate this terrible impasse. Most likely, they began their search with sufficient love for the abstract God, and sufficient character strength, to succeed on traditional mystic paths. But, few students, however game they may be, are similarly capable. Many need emotional/moral reinforcement and fulfillment they cannot, in and of themselves, achieve through meditation. And they may require functional human relationship to DEVELOP that necessary foundation.

Granted, sometimes IS necessary for a person to step away from relationship and human involvement, for a while, to gain the space and the moral perspective necessary to be ABLE to function, reasonably free of ego, in the social context. But in order for spiritual seekers to avoid getting permanently lost in the mode of avoidance, it is also necessary for them to realize this fact:

Stepping away from human relationship is not an eternal value, but only a temporary adjustment to allow for certain achievements of spiritual growth.

Eventually, spiritual seekers and God-realizers alike need to turn back to human love and life -- and DO IT RIGHT. But for that to happen, there needs to be better appreciation on this planet of the real VALUE of doing that, and better knowledge about HOW to do that.

Currently, due to insufficient understanding and inadequate mentorship, human life tends to be lived quite lovelessly -- with confusion, delusion, and pain. Higher consciousness needs to be applied to human life and love, so that instead of either being suppressed in the name of spirituality, or misdirected because of delusion, humans can live rightly, realizing Divinity IN and AS Life Itself. Humanity needs the support of those who have achieved God realization in order to master living love. They need the enlightened ones' ongoing support, starting with an acknowledgment that human love is wise and possible (at present, many people, spiritual seekers or not, doubt that, and suffer accordingly).

The idea that withdrawal from human life and love and relationships is absolutely necessary for God Consciousness contradicts the highest realization of all spiritual masters. The enlightened ones KNOW God is not elsewhere or apart from humanity, and that people can experience God within it. The realization of God is right at their door! The love they seek is here, everywhere, and in their hearts. But, aspirants have become tangled in their own wrong thinking, and inadvertently push God away -- along with humanity, including their own humanity -- even while they seek God.

This is an innocent mistake, but it has tragic results. Spiritual seekers rightly understand that one must escape ego-identification, realize God, and in the resulting higher consciousness, embrace All as One. But many seekers believe that to achieve spirit-identification, they must vigilantly suppress, and ultimately obviate, their humanity, and their unique being. For them, the spiritual search comes to incorporate AVOIDANCE of human love. Needless to say, that belief bodes poorly for love on earth, and has tragic implications for human relationship. It means that millions of unfulfilled seekers build their spiritual search on the rejection of and aversion to humanity itself.

Currently, in spiritual circles, the dismissal of humanity is so well accepted that it may seem presumptive to question it. But we hope you can see that any fear about the fundamental danger of human-ness is itself MOST dangerous.

You can help correct this dangerous error in a way that is consistent with the highest realization. To see how, please click here for an explanatory diagram. It illustrates the common misunderstanding about human personality and human love. The blue line separates human qualities into two groups: those considered good and safe, and those considered bad and dangerous. Unfortunately, much of what gives human beings our spiritual value -- our heart qualities, our ability to love each other humanly, our creative drive, and our personality uniqueness -- occupies the "dangerous" group. It is particularly problematical that the powers and potentials of personal human love occupy the dangerous category. This causes man to think of himself and his fellow human beings as evil, or base (and therefore, as incapable of loving truly, and indeed, as undeserving of true love). Disastrous!

In Reality, the qualities in the gray area on the chart are all essential, eternal values of Divinity-in-humanity. But to realize that, it is necessary for spiritual seekers to see that humanity itself is, in reality, neither evil nor illusory. While egotism and humanity may commonly coexist, the two should never be confused. Humanity need not be ugly and ego-driven. And, attachment and selfishness need not undermine the value and potential of interpersonal love. Ego-derived motives and attachments are problematical in human involvements, that's all.

The true human personality as God created it is anything but evil -- it IS love, and it is loving. Clearly:



The way personal love is generally practiced is profoundly DIFFERENT from TRUE relationship (AS different as ordinary dogmatic religion is from true God realization).


The way people behave under the influence of ego is profoundly DIFFERENT from their true humanity (AS different as a religious dogmatist is from a spiritual master).


Any teaching that condemns man's true nature as egoic alienates him from his reality, from the reality of others, and from Divinity, to his detriment. Obviously, when liberation occurs, illusions of difference dissolve in Divine consciousness. But to facilitate this liberation, teachings should carefully SUPPORT Divine identification in humanity -- right from the start. Why not experience personhood as it IS -- as God made it to be!


Therefore, the line shown on the enclosed document needs to be moved, in human consciousness, to where it REALLY is. Delusion, selfishness, and all that is of ego should be recognized to be below the line, while God AND humanity -- TRUE humanity, that is -- should be recognized to be above the line. Then, our humanity can be PRESERVED and used to everyone's mutual benefit, even while ego is REJECTED.

Diversity, uniqueness and humanity CAN exist free of problems, free of egotism and without separation. Individuality IS. It's an expression of God. Uniqueness/individuality is not inherently separate in its sovereignty. We can enjoy individuality WITHIN Unity-consciousness. Human beings need to accept the Divine Reality of Diversity-within-Unity. This acceptance will allow us to understand that spiritual realization requires neither clinging to nor avoidance of our personhood. And it will allow us to be truly free: free of aversion and avoidance; free to love truly, without fear -- both universally and personally.

The world needs love more than anything else -- DESPERATELY needs it. And, all seekers of God sorely need TO love, both universally and personally. To empower human beings to love, we must teach that true humanity and the truly human practice of relationship are beautiful -- as God created them. Moreover, as children of God, the way we love is both universal AND personal -- naturally. And that's how God would have us love. And we must explain that, when we consider ourselves separate from God in our human personality, we can't love truly -- both universally and personally. Nor can we love truly if, in our mystic search for God, we turn our backs on TRUE humanity (in ourselves, and in others).

The change in thinking that's needed is really big -- and really important. Anything you're doing, or are willing to do, to help this human plight would be so appreciated, and tremendously helpful.

Thank you so much for the time you've taken to read this article. Please feel free to write to us about it if you wish.

by David Truman

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The World's Love Crisis
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