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by David Truman

We all need vindication

Incomplete vindication

Hindsight is twenty-twenty

Retrieving now, then, and eternity

Many of us exist in a condition of alienation from both God and our fellow man. We believe God created the world and then made Himself scarce -- leaving His latchkey children to fend for themselves and struggle with each other. But IS God really distant? And IS the rest of humanity really unlike ourselves and in conflict with our needs and desires?

The conventional "solution" to the problem of God's absence is the traditional hope that after death we might go to Heaven and meet our maker. But that only postpones our relief until an uncertain future, while maintaining for the present the presumption that God is elsewhere, and Divinity remains outside our experience until this lifetime is done.

Likewise, the conventional solution to the alienation of man from his fellow man postulates that perhaps in heaven, some sort of healing reunion will occur. But meanwhile, in this world, any attempt get along with our fellows is supposed to depend on psychological techniques and arduous processes of conflict-resolution by which our presumed differences may be resolved -- but only over a long period of time, and with limited satisfaction.

It would be impossible to expect that either of these "solutions," in and of themselves, could ever yield the profound harmony we seek in our hearts. For that, man needs to accept God as immediately present and to accept his fellow man as his own flesh and blood in the Family of God -- even as another iteration of his own true Self. This acceptance resolves the problem of man's alienation from God and his fellow man in a new way. It cuts through the superficial level of alienation with penetrating insight into the true nature of reality, allowing for a profound feeling of unity and commonality, even within diversity and apparent differences of various kinds.

How do we find that acceptance within ourselves? God is here, and man is one, but we can't expect to tap into vision that effortlessly. Man needs to uplevel himself vibrationally before he will see things that way.

In the Bubble of Unity-consciousness, you see that the people are not "other." You see God in the people. And therefore, you see that God did NOT leave us. And that God did not create many separated beings. What really happened was, God made man and left Himself in man. And, God made no "others." That enlightened vision cuts right through to the core, and vindicates both God and man.

We all need vindication

We feel a crying and cosmic need to correct our misunderstanding of God and our fellow man, which leaves us feeling alone, defensive, suspicious of everyone around us. From such a harsh and undeserved judgment, all people feel the need to be vindicated. They feel it in night clubs. They feel it in their marriages; they feel it at work. Everyone cries out for recognition. They are not crying out for us to know their names; they are crying out for us to recognize who they ARE. They are anxious to be relieved of the burden of accusation of being other and somehow suspect, to blame, inadequate, or bad and wrong. The whole implication is so unacceptable. OneSelf feels it. God feels it.

God wants His children vindicated, too, just as every human parent lives in hope that somehow, the beauty of their creation -- their child -- will be appreciated for what he or she is. Parents want their children to be recognized when they go to school, when they meet a new friend, when the relatives gather -- always. And, as you know, parents are particularly concerned that their children recognize each other and do not "other" one another to the normal extreme and excessive degree, as children are inclined at times to do.

And, of course, nobody thinks of it, but it weighs very heavily on the observers of that child if THEY do not in fact recognize the child, because then they have an other on their hands -- which is frightening, or at least uncomfortable.

So nobody -- not the child, not the parent, and not the observer -- can be happy with the situation of alienation. In this, we see as one...


the need of the child to be recognized,

the need of the parent for the child to be recognized, and

the need of the observer to recognize the child.

There must be Unity-consciousness for vindication. Those who have othered must learn to un-other. Those who have been othered must be un-othered. When, through this cosmic recognition, it all comes to peace and unity, God and all God's children finally get their vindication. And it is only in that moment that finally it could be said to God, "You did not do that. Not only are You not doing that anymore, but You did not do that in the first place. You never did."

Incomplete vindication

You know you're not completely vindicated until it is acknowledged that the crime was never committed in the first place. How many times did someone accuse you of something like stealing some money, and when you finally convinced them you didn't do it, they only said, "Well, as long as you don't do it in the future." At such times, your heart cries out, "What do you mean, as long as I don't do it in the future? -- I never did it in the first place!"

Similarly, enlightenment would fail to completely vindicate God if an enlightened person had the impression that Unity had been created at the stroke of enlightenment. So, when you experience higher consciousness, you should not say to God, "Thank you for the fact that things are different now." You should say, "Thank you for the fact that things NEVER were the way I thought."

Fortunately, in true enlightenment it is apparent that what you are seeing is the way it ALWAYS was. It NEVER truly was the way you thought it was. You thought it was that way, and that made it be your experience -- but that did not make it SO.


Hindsight is twenty-twenty

It was only a dream. Anything could happen in a dream. You could be eaten by a tiger. But when you wake up, you realize you were never eaten by a tiger. Hindsight is twenty-twenty.

"But I thought"…Well, maybe so, but you were out of your right mind. Perhaps it is over generous to even say "you thought." It was really just the wine talking, that night you can't remember but they told you about it. Someday you will look back at that drunken dream, that night of no accountability, trying, trying, trying to remember it -- but it all escapes you. In truth, you have escaped it. In the Bubble of Unity-consciousness, when you look back at your pre-enlightenment time, you could say, "Well, I thought I alienation was." But it can't be retrieved, because it really never exactly happened that way. You just thought otherwise, that's all.

To look back with your twenty-twenty hindsight and to see the past is to see that what you thought happened did not happen. It was the opposite of all that. God never abandoned us. There never was an other. You were never NOT your Self, the One you are. Those times were never really different than this time of your enlightenment. This is the same Now that was then -- the one in which everything sparkles like the morning dew in the dawn and the first rays of light across the grass. This same sparkle was THEN, but you had your hat over your eyes. You were living in a grand mansion thinking you were in a hovel. Now you are STILL living in that same mansion, but you know it.

What has changed? You were always living in the bosom of the Almighty, you were always the Self, and there never was an other in your face. But you thought you thought, and you even THOUGHT you believed your illusions (which was the closest thing to a belief that you could ever muster, because in reality you never TRULY believed that).


Retrieving now, then, and eternity

We vindicate God and all of creation any time we recognize that the person we're looking at is, in fact, not an other -- and is, in fact, a manifestation of God. In that moment, God is vindicated, at last, for all the years of misbelief and accusation that have been heaped upon Him. And in that moment, the creatures that you see as Divine are vindicated from years of NOT having been recognized as OneSelf.

Your moment of Unity-consciousness is your moment of retrieving NOW, for sure. But in that moment, you are also retrieving THEN and ETERNITY. Your moments in the Bubble of Unity-consciousness retrieve the reality of your past; they retrieve the reality of your friends, and the reality of your Self. Were you not that same Self then? And were they not in fact that same Self then, too? If so, you are retrieving who you have always been and who they have always been, and what has always been the case.

To finally see does not alter the seen. To finally unearth the treasure of fresh and new reality is not to alter it. It has always been lying there, just as you see it in this moment. This is revisionist history in the finest sense of the word: after a long time of misunderstanding what really happened, you are revising history to accuracy. We had the wrong take on it. It was a miss-take and this miss-take is rectified.

So if you embark on this day in the way that all your days ever were, then you are in the ever-new at last... the same as you always were. It must have always been the case, otherwise, how do we account for the feeling that Bubble of Unity-consciousness is home? How do we account for the familiarity of things that are supposed to be new? There's got to be a resolution of these opposing thoughts. The only answer is, this is the same as it ever was. And thus God is in fact fully vindicated -- and so are you, and so are he/she/it/they.

by David Truman

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