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by David Truman

The importance of readiness

What IS true understanding?

Where do increases in gnowledge come from?

Levels of consciousness

Good day/bad day viewpoints

The relationship between gnowledge and energy

What is vibratory energy?

How to use this principle to help yourself and others

The key to increasing gnowledge is elevating state

Information is plentiful, even spiritual information. We always have in our brain more ideas and notions about life than we are ready to act on or even fully understand. In fact, we have probably already committed to memory most of the lessons we will actually LEARN in the next decade. But the real secret of learning and growth is not so much gathering more information, but rather, getting to a place where we can comprehend more of the information we have, or could have. Until then, the mind grinds away trying over and over to solve our problems, but our efforts produce very little true understanding, and little liberation from the shackles of confusion.

A lesson sinks in only when we are READY to really get it.

So you see, head-learning counts for almost zero; only when lessons finally sink in do they make a lick of difference. And a lesson only sinks in when we, for one reason or another, are READY to really get it. This article explores the conditions of readiness, and what we can do to create them.

The importance of readiness

We all learn in the school of frustrating experience exactly how important this little matter of readiness can be. Everyone likes to share ideas with their friends. But sometimes a bit of understanding that seems obvious and right to one person proves quite incomprehensible or unacceptable to another.

Ironically, our friends seem to have the hardest time relating to our input just when we feel their need for it is the greatest. What makes such situations frustrating is that usually the handwriting about the dire need for change is all over the wall. Most astounding, in such cases, is that even though our friend "knows all about it," and may even be considering and studying the problem around the clock, he or she has no real perspective on the problem. All the "knowing" in the world doesn't seem to make any difference. Our friend is simply not ready to see, and is not willing to change.

We appreciate the importance of readiness even more when our previously stuck friend comes back to us six months later and says, "You know what you were trying to drum into my head all last year about ________? Well, I finally got it!" Somehow, suddenly, this bit of information that was stored in the brain finally became meaningful. What happened? Whatever it was, it made the crucial difference in our friend's readiness. It just goes to show, information and true understanding are two different things.


What IS true understanding?

"Gnowledge" is deep understanding that INCLUDES comprehension of its importance and life relevance.

To define true understanding, and distinguish it from mere intellectual comprehension, we created the new term "gnowledge." Gnowledge combines the word "knowledge" and the word "gnosis." "Gnosis" means "immediate knowledge of spiritual truth, such knowledge as professed by the ancients and held to be attainable through faith alone." "Gnowledge" is an understanding of values or concepts that EXCEEDS intellectual comprehension. "Gnowledge" INCLUDES the realization and appreciation of the importance and life relevance of the concepts.


The difference between intellectual understanding and gnowledge is demonstrated by ADAPTATION.

Ordinary knowledge does not always affect how a person lives, but gnowledge does. Often, a person may intellectually understand and even agree with certain concepts, but still prove unable to grasp their real significance, or to implement those concepts in life. Some accommodation may result, but it is limited to the most superficial, un-comprehending obedience -- obedience which amounts to practically nothing.

Real gnowledge is integrated and lived because of the clear sense of importance and relevance that accompanies it. Therefore, if you can succeed in imparting gnowledge to someone, the person will not only fully understand what you mean but also, as a result of that understanding, will make adjustments accordingly and start to act appropriately in that area.

Where do increases in gnowledge come from?

Understanding is in the PERSPECTIVE of the individual who views the information.

The higher we go, the better the view.

What we can see about life depends on the level from which we are viewing life. From the ground level we can see up to the neighbor's fence; from the rooftop we can see the whole neighborhood; from a balloon in the sky we can see the whole county and the lay of the land all around. The eyes are the same eyes, but the higher vantage point allows for more seeing. That's why it is said, "Problems are never solved on their own level, but on the level above."

Our level of consciousness is our vantage point. For that reason, when we change levels of consciousness, not just one problem looks different: everything looks different! We don't just solve one problem, we solve many problems. So: add vantage = BIG advantage!

Levels of consciousness

While intellectual knowledge can be increased through repetitive study and contemplation, growth of gnowledge requires the attainment of higher levels of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Each level of consciousness comes with its own level of understanding.

Each level of consciousness allows for a given level of understanding. What can be only intellectually grasped on one level can truly be understood, and its real significance can directly be seen, when we reach a higher level of consciousness.

Upon the attainment of any given level or state of consciousness, all of the gnowledge of that state is very easily -- sometimes even instantly and automatically -- comprehended or "gnown." The instant we attain a higher level of consciousness, a door opens, and suddenly we gain understanding of many things we may have looked at forever but never really understood before. This new understanding in turn increases our willingness to change our behavior in line with our perspective.

Good day / bad day viewpoints

Human beings evolve through various levels of consciousness, and at any given time, inhabit a relatively narrow band -- or range -- of consciousness levels. Because of the relationship between levels of consciousness and understanding, we all display predictable variations in outlook, depending on whether we are at the top of our band, or the bottom. On a bad day, everything looks bad, and good news is greeted with skepticism. On a good day, bad news is easily managed, and good news seems practically normal. Likewise, when you are in a fog, the simplest thing may be hard to understand, whereas, when you are bright and clear, everything seems to make sense. And it is as if, "on a clear day you can see forever."

A person at any given level of consciousness will reject "logics" below or above those that fit that level. For example, the idea "an eye for an eye" would be readily accepted by a person in a low, animalistic state of consciousness, as it is compatible with his level of consciousness. A saint would prefer the logic of "love thy neighbor as thyself." However, owing to the differences in their level of consciousness, neither of them would or could accept the other's premise.

When people feel like "ships passing in the dark," they are usually at different levels of consciousness.

We experience the operation of this principle in our relationships, even daily. When two people have tried, but simply cannot see eye to eye and feel like ships passing in the dark, they are usually at different levels of consciousness. For example, one friend praises the joys of giving and the other says, "Oh yeah, and pretty soon you will be giving away all your possessions and joining Mother Teresa in Calcutta." That fellow's skepticism about unselfish living reflects a lower level of consciousness. At his present level, he simply CANNOT fully appreciate certain spiritual values. These things mystify him, perhaps even threaten him, and his affinity for such ideas is low.

We cannot EFFECTIVELY teach someone a concept that is beyond his or her level of comprehension. "Cluelessness" cannot possibly be resolved by endless explanations -- most likely, repetition will just make resistance worse. Only if we can change our friend's level of consciousness may we be able to successfully impart the needed understanding. The good news is, raising consciousness may not be quite as difficult as it sounds.

The relationship between gnowledge and energy

A person’s consciousness rises and falls with his or her VIBRATORY energy.

A person's state of consciousness depends largely upon his or her level of VIBRATORY ENERGY. Life is full of experiences which specifically illustrate the relationship between gnowledge and vibratory energy level. For example, personal growth workshops and falling in love both demonstrate this principle. Both change people's vibratory energy levels quickly, and with those dramatic changes in consciousness go equally dramatic changes in outlook and belief.


"There were bells all around, but I never heard them ringing, no I never heard them at all, till there was you."

Here are two more examples of changes in understanding that accompany changes in energy state.


When people have any kind of "peak experience," their energy level is temporarily raised above normal -- and so is their entire perspective on life. For example, a person who has just finished his first sky diving experience might exclaim, "Isn't life GRAND! Nothing matters but love and happiness and joy!"


After even one meeting with a very inspiring and uplifting individual, people may walk away with fresh insight into many things -- INCLUDING, interestingly enough, things that were not even DISCUSSED. This clearly proves that the new insights result from the influx of higher energy -- NOT from the exchange of information.

The relationship between gnowledge and vibratory energy level is equally demonstrated by the subsequent return to our more characteristic viewpoints after the temporary elevation provided by a weekend workshop, peak experience, or new romance wears off. As we all know, the downside of intensives, honeymoons, etc., is precisely this: that the new perspective disappears, like a carriage turning back into a pumpkin at midnight, when the person's energy level returns to normal.

What is vibratory energy?

Although most people do not make full use of the relationship between energy and understanding, everyone intuitively accepts the correlation between the two on a rudimentary level. For example, we've all heard someone say, "I can't think until I drink my two cups of coffee in the morning."

Perhaps our morning fog is lifted by a bit of caffeine in the morning, but there are limits to the uplifting effect of increased physical vitality. Two cups of coffee may seem to allow for a coherent conversation, but ten cups do not create intellectual brilliance! And some high-energy, vital people have more energy than awareness or insight. These observations suggest that although energy aids in understanding, ordinary vital energy is not the same as vibratory energy, and is not always sufficient to raise our consciousness.

We get an important clue about the real secret and source of clarity when we consider the relationship between energy level and various moods. This, too, we intuitively recognize. For example, we would not think of saying something important to someone in a foul mood -- even if they already had their two cups of coffee that morning, or even if they are basically a high-energy person.

The difference between vibratory energy and vital energy.

Intuitively, we are actually making the distinction between vibratory energy and merely vital energy on clarity whenever we wait for "the right time" to bring up something important. We realize, consciously or unconsciously, that when a fellow is in a bad mood -- no matter how vitally energetic he is -- he still lacks the clarity he possesses in a good mood. Therefore, we wait till he feels better before we mention our important item.

The PARTICULAR mood a person is in is only important insofar as it is a general indicator of his or her level of vibratory energy. People of high vibration are generally in a good mood because their energies flow through positive intentions, good attitudes, and high ethical orientations. People of low vibration are pumping their energies through negative intentions, bad attitudes, and unethical orientations. This explains why, all things being equal, energy increases clarity and raises vibration only if it is channeled in uplifting directions.

Negative thoughts and feelings depress our vibratory energy level and consciousness even IF our vital energy is high.

BEWARE: Higher energy intensifies ANY thoughts, feelings, or intentions we hold.

Energy is power. Its power can be used for any purpose, and it will intensify any thoughts, feelings, intentions, or viewpoints we happen to be holding. For example, a man who attends a seminar about a get-rich-quick scheme may well return with high energy and enthusiasm, but his head might be so full of selfish ideas and greedy desires that no one will want to see him coming! You can now easily understand why ethical upleveling and high-minded thoughts should be bundled with energy raising experiences if you want to insure that the intensification of energy will raise consciousness, rather than lower it.

How to use this principle to help yourself and others

Bring up THEIR energy before you bring up YOUR ideas.

The essential component of gnowledge transfer is not the transfer of information and ideas, but the elevation and intensification of ENERGY, which can create a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, if we wish to help others learn, we must start by helping them elevate their energy levels and the tone of their thoughts, intentions, and orientations. Otherwise, we will certainly fail.

Remember, if we can raise our friends' energy, they will automatically see things differently. Thereafter, they may not require much explanation -- and they certainly will not require laborious repetition. In fact, it may not even be necessary to give them any advice! After their energy increases, they may come to all the "needed" insights and conclusions spontaneously.

The key to increasing gnowledge is elevating state

Our level of consciousness determines what we are ready to see and willing to be.

For true breakthroughs in understanding -- so-called "ah-ha" experiences -- we need to rise to a higher level of comprehension of the data we are processing. Higher levels of understanding result from higher levels of consciousness! Our level of consciousness is the mysterious x-factor which makes the difference in our lives, for only our level of consciousness determines what we are ready to see and willing to be.

People who want to consciously increase their state of consciousness and level of understanding can easily do so by opening themselves up to the highest infusions of energy AND the most uplifting thoughts and feelings they can imbibe. People can raise their VIBRATORY energy by doing any or all of the following:



tuning in to God's presence

real positive thinking (here we do not mean simply repetitive thinking of affirmations, but rather thinking well of oneself and others, releasing negative thoughts as they arise, keeping good company, visualizing successful outcomes in realistic detail, etc.)

ethical living up to one's highest standards in relationship to others

associating with people of higher consciousness and ethical orientation.

Now the secret is yours: The effective way to gain or share understanding (and to enjoy all the possibilities for growth and fulfillment inherent in each successive level of understanding) is through the achievement of higher levels of consciousness.

by David Truman

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