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Claim Your Freedom

by David Truman

Every man and every woman wants to be free. Every man and every woman knows that they are infinite. We each have a soul full of passion and love and truth, which is usually unexpressed. What we are is infinite! But we have imprisoned ourselves with egoic patterns and false ideas. Ideas of who we are. Ideas of what life can be. Most people go from day to day unsatisfied with the life they are living, the person they are being.

People, if you are willing, you CAN break free of that! Recognize yourself as a child of God, and discard the limitations that you have accepted for yourself. Break free! And do not allow the chains of false ideas about who you are to hold you down anymore. Do not accept the misery of being limited, of being small, of being unexpressed, of being stuck in negative and disappointing patterns. You are a child of God. And that means you do not have to accept that. CLAIM that freedom, as a child of God, and LIVE!

Listen to this recording of David Truman -- LoveTrust's teacher -- speaking about the freedom of the children of God, of EVERY human being, and know that this applies to YOU.


David: I'm just trying to work through the human condition, and show the way out of the maze. You know, people go around and around. We need help finding the exit.

You step towards the front: one, two. And again back: one, two. And again forward: one, two, step, step. But what you need to understand about this dance is you are like a rat in a maze, and there is a fire in the building. It is not just step, step, step forward, step back. You need to make progress toward the exit, to live! Step, step, step, step. Step left, step, step. Step right, step, step, exit out of the burning building, into the sky. Freedom!

We think, "Oh, these patterns are wonderful; patterns make human life what it is." True enough, but human life is miserable.

And so, step, step, step, step, forward and back. It's different to be involved in the cha-cha-cha than it is to be involved in running for your life. You see? Step forward, step back. You need to BREAK that pattern, and GO down further into the maze. Take a DIFFERENT route one time.

Everything is habit: "Oh yes, this and this and this, and then I go back to here. Oh yeah, that feels good, very kinesthetic. Back and forth, back and forth." This is all very self-stimulating. This is all very head bashing. All fine, all good. But the thing is, they're in an iron lung; and dying by inches, because they don't have any true exercise. True exercise is when you stride OUT, okay?

So, it's all very wonderful. "I've done what I've always done. I've done it the way I've done it." We're all very comfortable, very felicitous, very joyous, very celebratory. The fact that I am a complete idiot who goes through life: "I always catch the 9:03 train, and on the way back I take the 5:03." You see: all very wonderful, very secure, very safe, very DEAD.

But death is not actually the salvation of man. Life is. Life is to be ever new. Life is to actually escape the patterns. Life is not to repeat them.

So therefore: Step, step, step, step. Ah! That's the same! Okay, step, step, step, step, turn right. Step, step, step, step, run like mighty. And run forever, and run like there's no tomorrow. And run to freedom, run to God, run to the truth.

Run as if your life depended on it. Because it does. See? So do it AS IF what is true was true. It is. So therefore do it, every time you see that pattern, every time you recognize yourself to be in chains.

I saw this myself, in the institutions of the mental hospital. When the men would come with a straightjacket, to tie them down, why, they would object, and they would fight like hell. Why is it? The human being, apparently even the human being that is most deranged, resists imprisonment. Resists mightily. And they would struggle fantastically, and it would take four men to contain them, to put on the chains. This was how strong: one man had the power of four when it came time to resist imprisonment.

Now, WHY would one not see that, every time you have a pattern of behavior, YOU are being approached by the men with the white coat; YOU are being approached by the imprisoning force; YOU are being approached to be confined. This is the same thing, you see? You should recognize it as the same.

There is no satisfaction in bondage, for a human being. But there is satisfaction in freedom. There's satisfaction in liberation. And you know that to be true, because every time you ever decided and you ever made up your mind to do different, well then, in that case, you were happy.

And I'll tell you why. It's simple and you know it to be true. It's because freedom is you, "Freedom R Us." And there's Toys R Us, and there's Freedom R Us. Freedom R the nature of God. Freedom R the nature of you, as God's child. Freedom!

(singing) "Oh freedom... Ohh freedom. There's no kneeling in that land. There's no kneeling in that land. There's no kneeling in that land, where I'm bound. There's no kneeling in that land. There's no kneeling in that land. Go home to my Lord, and be free."

That is the anthem of your heart and soul.

Acquire freedom by resisting patterns. Acquire freedom by resisting confinement. Acquire freedom by resisting the tendency to say, "I can't do this, and I can only do that." Acquire freedom by rebelling against such a statement. Acquire freedom by not having any of it. It's not of your kind. That is what grates against you. Think about it, Grasshoppers. It's not of your kind. You are of God, you see? God is free.

You have to understand yourself by looking at your responses. I went to Mexico and I would say to people there randomly in these little villages that I went to, "Do you speak English?" Now, depending on how they respond, I could draw certain conclusions. When they would answer entirely in Spanish, then I would think, "Probably not. This must be a true-blooded Mexican, untainted."

All right. Now in this same way, when bondage grates against you, then you know by that, you are of God. When it does not sit well with you, you know by that, you are a child of God.

You can tell who anyone is by the way they respond to things. This is the way you tell. See? Know thyself. If you like all this confinement, if you like all this self-limitation, wonderful. Then indeed, you can know by that, you are a child of Satan. Satan is for limitation. Satan is for confinement. Satan is for restriction. But then again, on the other side, if you DON'T like those things, if you DON'T like the restriction, if you DON'T like the limitation, this tells volumes about who you are. This is revelatory. This is definitive. YOU are a child of God, if you don't like THESE things. You see?

That's how you identify children of God, how you separate them from the stones. All the stones are indifferent to the fact of their confinement, their immobility. You do not share this attitude, though. YOU, yourself, not only beg to differ from the stones. In fact, you DO. You differ. You differ in fact; you differ in reality. You inevitably differ; you inexorably differ; you cannot NOT differ. You are, in fact, different than a stone, in that immobility, confinement, restriction -- these things bother you. See?

So you go into a room of mixed entities -- thirteen thousand four hundred thirty-six humans, fifteen thousand seventy-six stones -- and your job is to sort these into the categories properly. So you say, "How many of you would be happy with confinement, stuckness? Everyone who would be happy with it, say nothing." And all the humans scream, "NO!" By this, then, we have separated the stones from the people.

Very important. You MUST, as a child of God, understand the fact that you are not actually a stone; that you do not accept the destiny of a stone. Which is to be stuck. To be moveless, immobile. To have no legs. To be unable to walk, to run, to fly.

Think! You see, if you can think, then again you are not a stone. Think: "I would be free. I deplore my own confinement. I would go home to my Lord. I would be free."

So say, have you heard?

All: Yes, we have heard.

David: Very well, then.

Oh! May all be free!

I love you all. Thank you very much. Unbelievable beauty, that you can hear. Unbelievable. I love you ALL. Great, tremendous, that you can hear. You must be children of God. You have ears. You can hear.

Good job! Now go tell your friends. Go on. Right now. Go tell your friends. Tell them the truth. Do that for me, okay? Tell them the truth.

We love you.

by David Truman

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