Love THROUGH: Feel the transparency of all objects to love. Allow your love to move through and beyond its objects -- to infinity.
Channel God's love: Allow God to use you as a conduit for His love.
Release everything: Let go of everything that arises in consciousness, within and without.
Blend with love: Release the sense of separateness, so as to be non-different than the love that exists all around.
What to do: Transcend thoughts and impressions.
Love has the power to release us from the limits of our minds and our sense of self, and to carry us to true Unification. But for the release to be complete, we must continue to love, and not become focused on the thoughts, feelings, and impressions that arise as we love. We must continue to love, even BEYOND the objects of our love. And even as we persist in loving, we must also eventually release (transcend) all objects of love. This release is ESSENTIAL for true Unification.
During your practice of Unification you will experience the arising of your own psychic content -- thoughts and feelings of various kinds. Also, if you have been directing love to others, your heightened sensitivity and connection to them may make you aware of their thoughts and feelings -- at least in the form of a deep and sympathetic understanding, if not as actual words and pictures!
Release your attention from all the various objects that you become aware of, both within and without. This shift of focus may feel like you are changing horses in midstream, but in truth, all you are really doing is following love's unfolding.
Shine on (ignore) this arising content of your lower mind. Whatever arises within the Bubble, simply redirect attention to the Presence which resonates in it, the presence of God (which IS love). The more you surrender your attention into the space where you "overlap" with all that is, the more you find God in that space. Thus, the MEDIUM of communication/communion becomes the MESSAGE, and the message becomes the messenger: God IS, HERE and NOW. And God is love.
Steep in the Love that surrounds you and flows through you. See the Bubble, rest in the Bubble, and, when it becomes evident that you ARE the Bubble, be the Bubble.
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