Love AROUND: Envelop everything you are aware of with love.
Surround with love: If you have a specific object of love, or if ANY object appears in your awareness, then provide a cocoon of love for that object. Rather than EXTENDING or SENDING love to someone, feel that you are providing an ENVIRONMENT of love that surrounds and cradles them.
Commune in love: Share in love. Embrace love, and enjoy love's embrace.
What to do: Love in a radiant, spherical fashion
The process of love invokes the presence of Love. As you fill and expand, a "space" opens up. This space could be described in a number of ways:
getting in touch with your true Self.
a soul resonance with other souls.
a Divine response.
a place where we "overlap" with others -- and with God.
communion with God and others.
This space is a subtle context we call "the Bubble." This spiritual Bubble IS the SOUL ESSENCE of man, and the PRESENCE of Love, or God. In this Bubble, we commune with our fellow man and with God. We enjoy the RESONANCE of loving -- an energetic intensification caused by the sympathetic vibrations of two similar beings. And through the Bubble, the PRESENTS of God -- energy, life, light, blessings -- flow.
WITHIN this resonance, this blending, this communion, CONTINUE to love, and continue to feel. Love not in a linear fashion (which is the usual habit), but instead, love in a radiant, spherical fashion, as the Bubble is -- radiant and spherical. You will come to realize, progressively, that THIS is Love: this Space; this Divine Presence; this Bubble. The kingdom of heaven is truly at hand.