Spiritual Wholeness

This area of the Soul Progress web site is dedicated to explaining and encouraging Spiritual Wholeness -- as a necessity for optimal spiritual growth. Every part of life impacts our consciousness, our spiritual awareness. Therefore, a strong spiritual life MUST be a whole life, not a collection of uncoordinated pieces.

The four principal areas of spiritual life are:

The Wisdom Sphere. The HEAD of spiritual life, representing the realm of thinking, understanding, problem solving.

The Social Sphere. The HEART of spiritual life, encompassing all the ways in which human beings see, feel, and relate with one another.

The Practical Sphere. The HAND of spiritual life, consisting of the many varied activities, obligations, and happenings of daily life, and the myriad opportunities our ordinary affairs offer us to implement our spiritual values and knowingness.

The Mystical Sphere. The SPIRIT of spiritual life, including humankind's desire to find God, to become godlike -- and to pursue experiences of Divine communion, revelations, promptings, and raptures.

In a whole spiritual life, the head, the heart, the hand, and the spirit all function in a well-balanced, fully integrated harmony. Each part supports and resonates in tune with all others. In this section of our web site, we describe the unique contributions of each part to the whole AND to each other. Use it to help you note and strengthen any areas in your spiritual life that are weak or neglected.

May you reach your spiritual potential, and fulfill the grand and worthy purpose for which God created you!


It is our intention here to point out the ways in which each area of life depends upon the others. But does that mean that if one area of life is weak or missing in your case, you must strengthen that area first, BEFORE you can participate in the others? Not necessarily!

No one area of life is more important than the others. To move forward, the spider needs to move ALL its legs.

For example, one of the pages in this section describes the various ways in which practical life contributes appreciably to social life. Any reader could reasonably conclude that social life DEPENDS -- at least to some degree -- on practical life, and then feel tempted to ignore SOCIAL life altogether until PRACTICAL life is handled.

That temptation is understandable, but we caution against too much emphasis on "getting ready" in one area while ignoring other areas. After all, while social life does depend on practical life to some degree, the reverse is equally true: practical life depends on social life! (For instance, what if we need HELP to get our practical affairs together? In that case, if we drop social life, how CAN we get our practical lives together?)

Try to live a life that's as well balanced as possible. Do your best to advance all four areas -- practical, social, wisdom, and mystical. If you find that you don't have one piece in place, don't give up on all the pieces that depend on it, and upon which it depends. Just note how each of the pieces CAN support each other -- and work to improve EVERY piece.

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