When trying to create a specific effect, everyone agrees, "It's the thought that counts." This common saying expresses our intuitive understanding that intentions are more powerful than actions in producing effects. In other words, you're not going to get good results, even if you do the RIGHT thing, when you are motivated for the WRONG reasons. Just as under civil law, where "intention is nine-tenths of the law," spiritual law decrees that intention is the immediate cause of virtually all effects (that is, excluding accidents, mistakes, and coincidences).
At LoveTrust we say, "Actions are a window through which intentions pass on their way to becoming results." We recognize that generally, action is relatively NEUTRAL in its effect, when compared to intention. For example, consider one action with two possible intentions. What if a man takes his wife out to dinner on their anniversary as a sincere gesture of love and commitment? His loving intention is what makes the occasion meaningful. And in this case, the meaning is LOVE, and the feeling between them is BEAUTIFUL. On the other hand, what if the husband takes his wife out to dinner because he knows that otherwise he'll be in trouble with her? The dinner now is now a gesture of self-protection -- an expression of the man's desire to stay out of trouble. How could that dinner be as joyful and bonding as the one which is sincerely motivated by love? It can't! What do you think?
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