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If you are not exercising control over your thoughts -- which you MUST do in order to remain positive and be good for others -- then your moods ARE quite literally out of control. You cannot hope to avoid the emotional roller coaster until you become willing to make consistently good choices of thought and action, for the sake of the good results you want to cause.

Do not let everything you do depend on "how you feel." In that case, your moods are actually in charge of your life, and your results will always be inconsistent. For greater stability, choose well even when you don't feel well -- you'll find your mood will rapidly improve. Remember, how you feel depends mainly on what you think. And that points right back to the need for mental discipline!

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A Secret of Fulfilling Intimacy: Commitment to Loving Communion

This article explains the problem of "phasing" in love relationships, and reveals how to get off the emotional roller coaster by making a commitment to love that TRANSCENDS mood.

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What it Means to Be Yourself

This article explains why it's so hard to "be yourself" -- or even to decide who "yourself" really is! It teaches that only a consistent choice to identify with the higher aspects of our nature will allow us to enjoy character stability.

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What Beliefs Do

We may not be able to directly control our feelings, but we DO have a choice of how we interpret life experiences. Although fresh interpretations may not instantly stop reactive patterns which are deeply ingrained, new interpretations undoubtedly can reduce reactivity, and can dramatically improve the way we feel OVERALL. This article shows how we can change how we feel and what we believe by consciously choosing constructive interpretations.

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