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These 6 words represent fundamental qualities of spiritual LIFE and spiritual PEOPLE. Click on any word for a detailed definition of the selected quality, and reflect on its meanings. Then, consider its application in life. This can help you develop your chosen quality.
To read about the contribution of each fundamental quality to a specific area of human endeavor, click the small tab below that corresponds to your area of interest.
Surrender must be the most under-appreciated of all spiritual qualities. Surrender alone makes life BEAUTIFUL, LIVEABLE -- or even POSSIBLE. True, surrender can be problematic when people surrender to lower impulses and unwise influences. But surrender to Divine promptings, to higher inspirations, and to legitimate needs of others -- that is The Life!
LETTING GO: To release what holds us back, and gracefully go with the flow.
Letting go of preconceptions (in order to receive Truthful ideas with an open mind, and an open heart). Embracing the personal implications of gnostic insight by releasing egoic resistance to comprehending it.
COOPERATIVE: To work harmoniously and efficiently with others.
COOPERATIVE in giving Truthful words the benefit of an open mind and heart. TRACTABLE and FLEXIBLE in welcoming and embracing fresh insight. Thereby able to TRANSCEND limitations of thought, feeling and action resulting from by lower-mind notions, and to OBEY the Divine will.
FAITHFUL: Having the kind of expectation that permits/creates positive outcomes.
TRUSTING and CONFIDENT that sincere pursuit of spiritual understanding will prove fruitful -- as a result of Providential help combined with personal effort. And, GRATEFUL about that.
READY AND WILLING: God gave us all infinite potential. It's up to us to use it.
Ready and willing to gnow. Given to the pursuit of gnostic illumination. Open, receptive, and responsive to the healing and uplifting light of Truth.
MINDFUL: What counts most in life is what we have in mind.
MINDFUL of the spiritual truth, "Knock and it shall be opened to you." VIGILANT against egoic resistance to the pursuit and/or acceptance of higher understanding. PRAYERFUL in opening oneself up to truthful insight. MINDFUL of enlightening words of Truth after hearing them.
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