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These 6 words represent fundamental qualities of spiritual LIFE and spiritual PEOPLE. Click on any word for a detailed definition of the selected quality, and reflect on its meanings. Then, consider its application in life. This can help you develop your chosen quality.
To read about the contribution of each fundamental quality to a specific area of human endeavor, click the small tab below that corresponds to your area of interest.
Spiritual wisdom (gnowledge) is an ESSENTIAL for spiritual evolution (even while it is, at the same time, a PRODUCT of spiritual evolution. More than an accumulation of general truths, gnowledge includes specific knowledge about life context and process. It also includes appreciation of the spiritual implications of values, beliefs, and purposes.
COMPREHENDING: Realizing the nature, significance, implication, and meaning of ideas and events
Comprehending/appreciating the spiritual value and usefulness of higher energy. Recognizing the spiritual value of: CULTIVATING energy; EMBRACING/ALLOWING energy, and SHARING s energy. Cognizant of, appreciative of, and thankful for higher energy received.
DISCERNING: Able to rightly identify significant nuances, and make sufficient distinctions (as needed).
Discerning as to the positive spiritual POTENTIAL of strong vital energy -- and discerning as to the right use/misuse of vital energy.
HUMBLE: Modest in self assessment, while sincerely grateful for higher influences, within and without.
Willing to acknowledge and release unhelpful egoic resistance to invoking/raising, experiencing, sustaining, and sharing higher energy.
HONEST: Sincere and forthcoming in word; ethical in deed.
Honest about the real COST of avoiding higher energy -- and about the real BENEFIT of fanning, holding, and sharing higher energy.
ACCEPTING: Appreciating the beauty of God's plan and the diversity of God's creation; open to the existence/significance of existing conditions on various levels.
Willing to personally ACCEPT the real value of creating and sharing vital energy. Willing to SUPPORT oneself and others by creating and sharing vital energy in spiritually beneficial ways.
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