Dear ones,

In every life there are regrets. And what one regrets most are breaches in morality. Morality is the stability of the choice to love people, and to take care of them, to put their needs above your own, as your top priority.

When we do this we are happy. When we don't do this, our lives are regrettable. Those are the simple facts. To the degree that we hurt another human being we have regrets. To the degree that we fulfill another human being we are strong, and confident in our love, and our goodness, and our connection with The Heart, with God, with all, with our own heart and soul.

Morality and the choice for love are synonymous. They are one and the same.

Morality is the choice for love. A moral choice is a choice for love, a choice to benefit someone, a choice to be sensitive to the hearts all around. This is morality.

There are so many ways to express love, to express morality, but fundamentally, moral human beings are oriented towards the benefit of others. That is their primary consideration; that is their life. And it is not an orientation to please others in order to be relieved in one's heart, it is a true consideration and care for others.

Like a mother cares for her baby first, and cares for her own sleep very little: she is only serious about her own sleep when she knows that her caring is being seriously diminished. See, the fundamental impulse is for the benefit of the beloved.

For anyone to have a good life, they truly must live for the benefit of their loved ones, and of everyone they know, and let their actions, thoughts, and feelings be governed by that.

Morality (the choice for love) opens our hearts to the winds of the Divine. The choice for love opens us to greater and greater degrees of sensitivity within that care; then the voice of God, the winds of God, can blow through us and be recognized. It is love that is our primary connection with the Father.

Love clears the mind, clears the airways so we can hear His voice, His call, feel His promptings. Love is the connector. The highway is always there, but it is cluttered with the junk of immoral living: guilt, self-doubt, fear of others and fear of retribution or karmic pay back, selfish circles of thought. All this is clutter on the highway between you and God.

Anyone you ever found beautiful was so because of the way they were with others, because of what they gave, because of their attention for others, because of their contributions based on the needs of others. That moral heart is beautiful and free, freely expressive of their care, and freely available to others. That is true beauty.

Our hearts are attuned to that beauty, being of the highest.

Morality is considered to be what is right and what is wrong, and the only true way to discern that is to do what is right by the hearts of everyone. This is dynamic, it is changing, it is a constant sensitive dance. Morality, what is right and wrong for any heart, is alive. It is a moving target.

Just as people are always changing, their needs are always changing. What they need now is different than later. But what is the same is their need for sensitive handling and consideration all the time. That always remains the same, and it is our joy to accommodate that, or more honestly to be at one with the hearts of our friends, one with the hearts of anyone. That is our birthright, our joy, our primary vocation in God, as lovers.