The Elohim want a relationship with everyone who is open to it. The Elohim love people, deeply and personally. They want to see every person happy and free of what ails them, and They know They could help mankind so much if people related to Them more. They spoke to David about this one day:

Elohim: "We know that all Our children need Us. And We hope that they will all get to see Our face, all get to hear about Us. You know what it is like."

David: (with tears in his eyes) "Yes, as a father, I understand that. I will let the people know You are here, and not distant."

Elohim: "Thank you David. We are happy."

They also simply want to be with us, talk with us. The Elohim created us with the most tender love. They know us intimately, and They love every part of our being with sweet, devoted love. To Them, we are not simply cases -- problem children who need Their help -- we are Their beloved sons and daughters, Their potential friends and intimates. They want us.

Even when we err, They never believe we're bad. They know us always to be pure and innocent, just as They created us, and They encourage us to remember that, and to live as our hearts -- the hearts They made -- really desire.

The importance of prayer

The Elohim strongly recommend prayer to anyone who is interested in a relationship with God.

They love for us to talk to Them in prayer, to share the feelings of our hearts, and to bring Them our questions -- even though They already know what's on our mind -- because when we speak with Them we are cultivating a relationship; we're taking the time to be with Them. Prayer opens us up, and makes us more available to hear Their guidance, and feel the love They give.


It's common to think of God primarily as a source of guidance, information, protection, consolation, mystical thrills, etc. God does give those things; but what every human being most needs and wants is a heartfelt relationship to the Divine. We want to experience the wonderful intimacy that is possible with our Omnipresent Parent.

Love is Better than Healing
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Loving God back

The surest way to develop a good relationship with God is to love God. God wants love, and we want to love. We are never happy being primarily takers in an imbalanced relationship -- no matter who it's with. So, when we love God, not only is God happy, but we are too.

Never think that our relationship with God is intended to be one of mostly deliverance and forgiveness. Far from it. As God's children, we have great power to give back to God: by loving God; by giving our hearts, our selves, our passion, our appreciation, our understanding, our comfort (yes, even God can use comforting). God knows who we are and what we have to offer, and God longs for us to share it.

Another great way to further our relationship with God is by loving people and uplifting God's children. God is always thinking about the humanity -- not just humanity as a whole, but every individual person. It gives God great joy when we make each other happy, cooperate together, or relieve one another of pain. If we can raise one another high enough, we bring each other closer to God. What parent wouldn't be pleased by that?

The joy of loving God personally and functioning with God in daily life is what human beings were born to have. And it is what God is yearning for. Nobody is expected to be expert at that right away, but everybody is capable of getting started on it. Why not start now.


The Elohim's Fondest Wish

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