The Elohim meet the community

Because The Elohim had such a wonderful effect on David, he was keen for the rest of us here at the Living Love Fellowship to get to know Them. He proposed that we all meditate with The Elohim for twenty minutes every night. Without hesitation, we accepted.

The first night we meditated with Them etherically (October 12, 2007), the room became a ball of light, radiating out like the sun. As we sat in Their etheric presence, Their love enfolded us, permeating our bodies, filling us, healing us.

When the meditation came to an end there was a knock on the door. It was David. He announced that The Elohim wanted to talk to us, and asked Jay and Dyana to set up the video camera quickly. There was a sense of excitement in the room, and also stillness, as we waited for Them to enter.

A few minutes later They arrived at the door, and awkwardly walked Mana's body across the room to the speaker's seat. They sat down, posture erect, and slowly looked around the room, making a connection with each person there. Their consciousness was powerful; many of us felt a rush of energy that caused us to also sit up straight.

They began to speak, softly and slowly. It was obvious that They were struggling to use Mana's voice. But as They persisted, it seemed to get easier.

They declared Their purpose for the meeting right away. They weren't there to teach us; They had come to make an urgent request. Here is a portion of what They said:


Elohim: We need your help desperately. Whatever you can give to help these human beings come into a more comfortable place.

Pada: More comfortable. Do you mean by more comfortable, closer to you?

Elohim: And to themselves. There is a reality that is happening for these people. As real as the air you are breathing, the chairs you are sitting on. And We are anxious for Our ones, that they should experience a different reality. If you would be willing to give up your personal dreams, you would have much free energy -- your personal dreams of what you would like to be. We have a short time.

Pada: What is the best way to show them this different reality?

Elohim: You need to serve them with every fiber of your being. They need to know what love is from you. Enormous love.

Francine: You're saying -- I want to make sure that I and everybody here understands that we need to -- in letting go of our personal dreams, actually be who we really are?

Elohim: No.

Francine: No?

Elohim: I am not saying that. I do not want anyone to worry about that. And it is not the purpose. The fact is that you are needed. And My request is not actually about your self-growth.

Pada: Yes.

Elohim: It is a request for your help.

As The Elohim spoke, everyone in the room became more real, more true. Their fervent request blew away our ordinary dilemmas about what to do, and how -- and if we were ready. We felt the enormous importance of dedicating our lives to helping our brothers and sisters in the world. Everything else paled but that commitment. So as one heart, without hesitation, we entered into this sacred trust with The Elohim, for the sake of the world.

At the end of the meeting we all lifted our hands in blessing and prayed for the humanity. The light in the room intensified. Huge energy vibrated through our bodies. It felt like it was flowing from us into the whole world.

The Elohim concluded with this touching benediction:

"For this world; for little souls of big desire, of big truth. You are heard in your prayers. And We will help heal your cramp, your dissatisfaction, because We know you."

And They promised that we would talk again.

As we left the room, we knew our lives had been changed. That night Mana wrote:

"Everyone is downstairs eating dinner, and a stillness pervades the house. We are all pregnant with The Elohim's exhortation to help the humanity. It feels like heaven has come like a wave, and we are being carried on it into a new way of life."

The Elohim begin to teach us

The Elohim have made good on Their promise to talk to us again. Periodically, They spontaneously ask to speak to the whole community. On each occasion, Their impeccable timing shows how well They know what's in our hearts, and what we need. They always come to us at times when people have been intensely grappling with challenging spiritual/emotional issues, and They address those issues with perfect clarity. Their visits seem to directly answer our whispered prayers.

The Elohim's teachings always have great relevance and value, not just for the individuals in our group, but also for humanity at large. Unfortunately, we haven't captured all these occasions on video. It isn't always possible to get a camera set up quickly enough. But thankfully we do have them all on audiotape. Here are a couple of audio clips, and one video clip, of The Elohim speaking to the group:

1. The Elohim talk to us about will power.

In the following audio clip, The Elohim encourage us to forcefully reclaim our will power, and make the choices that our hearts want, rather than allow our egos to run the show.

Elohim on Will Power
(audio clip, 0:52 min)


Elohim: The ego works primarily in the weakening of the will. Weakening with beliefs. Weakening with ambivalence. All kinds of weakening. This is where you all find yourselves to some degree, with a will that feels handicapped. You feel out of control, as if your ego were running the show. You have to take back your will power by force. You have to do it forcefully. Do you understand?

Group: Yes

2. The Elohim talk to us about relating to Higher Consciousness.

Here The Elohim talk to us about what it means to live a life of surrender to Higher Consciousness (i.e: to God, Truth, Love, etc).


Elohim: If you want a relationship with Higher Consciousness, what you take with that is Higher Consciousness will get to work immediately on destroying your ego. And then, it will get to work on working through you. You see? Immediately and from then onwards, it always does this. If you want a conscious and living relationship with Higher Consciousness, you have to accept this. You cannot be hyper-controlling. You cannot be small or attached to what you think or what you believe or what you believe your life is or should be.

3. The Elohim talk to us about how to change our lives.

When The Elohim gave us this talk, many of us had been tackling old, ingrained habits and tendencies that we wanted to overcome. They told us that in order to shake these bad habits we would need to "deny" and "reject" who we think we are.

You Have To Work
(audio, 1:02 min)


Elohim: You have to work if you want it. If you want it, you have to deny what seems to be everything -- everything that every cell in your body would tell you to do. You have to work against all your tendencies. You have to deny what feels like yourself. You have to reject what feels like yourself. Deny what feels like your desires. Deny what feels like your limitations, your fears. In that you can be free of what you have created. You do not have any need to be loyal to what you are attached to. You can deny everything that you think you are, that you think you do.

With time, The Elohim's speech became smoother and easier to understand. You can hear the improvement in the following video clip. Here, The Elohim address the community about the choice between serving the purposes of God, Truth, and Love; or serving the selfish purposes of the ego.

Note: "Blevel" and "Bleven" are terms we coined and use among ourselves to refer to Celestial Beings; and when talking to us, the Celestials often use that word too.


Elohim: When you are committed to your ego, We see your fear. We offer you goodness and We see you think, "I know what happens when I go there." We see you stay up at night suffering because of your obedience to your ego, suffering because of the choices that you make in obedience to ego, disgracing the Selfs that you are. Because the Selfs that you are are dignified, honest, loving, huge, beautiful. The Self that you are will not stand for such ugliness. Even the things which the ego would say are subtle, you see.

It is a choice for disgrace to serve this master. The master that God is, that We are, that love is, you see, would never, ever, ever keep a person down like that, make them be under. The true Higher Consciousness, Higher Consciousness in the form of God, or in the form of a human elder, or in the form of any Blevel will serve YOU, will REMIND you of your DIGNITY. Will ask you to do things that will make you feel GOOD, will make you feel STRONG and HONEST and RIGHT. As you are. As you are. That is where your dignity, your happiness, your integrity is, when you would serve the master that would truly serve YOU as YOU are.

David: Beautiful that is.

Sharing the wealth

Often, David will emerge from his living room after a conversation with The Elohim, overjoyed with his new understanding, and call an impromptu meeting to share it with the group. It's especially wonderful for us when he plays us the tape of the meeting. In that case, we not only hear the conclusion of the consideration, but we have the great pleasure of hearing the backs and forths; enjoying The Elohim's supremely loving and respectful way of correcting David's thoughts and the wonderfully open and intimate way David talks to Them. If you are interested, you can have the same pleasures by reading this transcript:

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